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I my journey began when I started to work in 2013, my matrick vacation was 5 days long and on the day I got back, I started with work, as a monitoring engineer, where we had to inspect clients sites, to make sure anti-viruses were up-to-date, afterwards I started working on specializing in anti-viruses, focusing on McAfee's antivirus. It paid of as I was sent to manage a site at the Department of defense in South-Africa's McAfee. While there I discovered products that were called SIEM and to fulfill my curiosity I went on IBM's Qradar courses to discover the full capabilities of SIEM solutions. I passed my Qradar foundation exam and was sent back to infoguardian's head office, where I had to manage their SIEM solution, Qradar.

Afterwards one of the managers saw potential in me and took me under his wing and placed me in his team, Security Intelligence and research, where I had to learn multiple products such as Panda anti-virus, GFI LanGuard, Webroot, CEH, etc. I learned how to skill up others effectively and give training. I had to do problem solving on daily basis and give security reports. I wrote processes for the company to help with report writing for the other teams and I created training videos for new recruits that joined the company.

Soon the company had a problem filling my previous position as the Vulnerability Team Leader and moved me from the SIR team back into the Vulnerability team, where I was made Manager of the team and to help skill up others.
My pointers:

I like working with people.
I love owning processes.
I like to encourage the people I work with.
I do a lot of problem solving on a day-to-day basis.
I am the kind of person people don't forget.
I like helping people to achieve their goals.
Willing to learn new things.
Encourage ideas

In personal time I write books, I am busy with two books on Wattpad: 'The Book of the Ancients' and 'True Insanity'