Accedian Skylight Network Troubleshooting

Do you use this solution for network troubleshooting? If yes, please explain with examples.

Mario Oosters
Network Architect at a recruiting/HR firm with 501-1,000 employees
In terms of network troubleshooting, not so long ago we started some new companies, and one of them was complaining about QoS trouble with VoIP telephony. They decided to go with a cloud telephony where I have no say in it at all. I had to tell them, "I have no idea how this thing works. I have no visibility into any of the management of that solution." They were complaining about bad voice quality. Normally, I shouldn't have been able to know anything about it. But I thought I would just put Skylight on it for a moment to have a look at what was happening. I changed the mirror for a while so that Skylight could see the traffic, and it didn't take long to figure out that there were a few agencies that the company was using that had, at certain moments in time, some notable packet loss and some bad MOS scores on the VoIP part. With that information, I was able to go to the company that gave us our SIP trunk and tell them about it. They changed some parameters, because there was something wrong on their side, and it was fixed. Without that hard information it would have been pretty difficult to find things like that. Skylight is not used on a daily basis, but when it's used it usually fixes a problem pretty fast. I don't really have to look into multiple devices because it captures most of them. With that information, I find I can usually say, "Okay, why is your server slow? Maybe you should not have all the thin clients asking every ten seconds about some servers." If you have 1,000 thin clients, suddenly you have 100 requests every second. That's what you can easily see with Skylight.
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Joel Baczynski
Network Administrator at CHR Citadelle
I do a lot of troubleshooting with Skylight, troubleshooting the network speed and application performance. It's really good because we have all the metrics, and it's very easy to find a direct route to the problem. For example, one month ago we had to change a lot of server in a laboratory. Before the change of the infrastructure, we took a snapshot of the network infrastructure and the performance. After the replacement of the servers, we took the same snapshot, the same picture of the network and the performance. We could see if the network was better and if the server performance was better than the old server. It was easy for us to see if the replacement of the hardware was good or not; or, after the visualization of a server, if the performance is better or not. Without Skylight it's would be difficult to compare because we would not any measurements.
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