CloudFloorDNS Enterprise DNS Primary Use Case

Network Engineer at Walsh Brothers, Incorporated
Upgraded DNS from GoDaddy to CloudFloor a few years ago. Wanted more reliability for our engineering firm and also used the DNS failover services to monitor and failover our web server and VPN to a backup IP. View full review »
IT Contractor
We have dozens of domains worldwide, over many registrars. I needed to consolidate settings and have high performance everywhere. View full review »
Jonathan Sprague
Global Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Technical Lead at Octapharma
Allocating SRV based on geographical location using GeoDNS. This was primarily for a global VOIP deployment. We also use GeoDNS with A records to distribute different versions of websites according to the country which provides us some regulatory value and more direct marketing. It also allows us to distribute workloads where it is more efficient. View full review »
IT Manager
To have a backup DNS solution when we lose our internet connection with the state provided ISP services, and have the public still reach our web servers. View full review »