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Find out what your peers are saying about CentOS vs. Windows Server and other solutions. Updated: September 2021.
541,462 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"It has minimal updates compared to other distributions.""The most valuable feature is that it is compatible with RedHat.""The user access level is most valuable. When you do administration with CentOS, the number of customizations that you can do for each user is higher than other solutions. It is very customizable.""The pricing is good. We pay a minimal fee.""Offers useful information and has good compatibility.""The most valuable feature is performance.""Very robust and easy to work with.""It has all the features of Red Hat, but you don't have to pay for the subscription."

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"I'm using all the features within it and find them all quite helpful.""The active directory that the server provides is the solution's most valuable aspect.""Windows Server is very easy to use.""Every time they perform a new release, the solution gets better and better.""The most valuable feature is Active Directory.""The main features that we are using are active directory, domain, and DNS.""PowerShell is a great feature of the solution.""The domain controller features are useful."

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"They could build more options into the wizard.""In the future, CentOS will no longer be compatible with Red Hat.""The YUM install manager can be improved. It is below average as compared to the other install managers. This is the only major problem that I see with CentOS. They should reduce dependency on the YUM manager.""The solution is stable, however, it could always be even more stable if possible.""Lacks sufficient security and some coding tools.""The solution might be discontinued but I hope that IBM will continue to develop it and improve on the functionally and features.""GUI could be merged and expansion simplified.""Integration with other platforms could be improved."

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"Overall, from a security perspective, Microsoft needs to improve.""The solution could offer higher availability.""The command-line interface should be improved.""Right now what is needed on the server-side is an easier release process. Every year or every third year they are releasing a newer version and it could go smoother.""Better integration with more platforms would be useful.""They can simplify the utilization and control of the system when you have a lot of setups. They provided something called Windows Center or Control Center in version 2019. It's a free tool that comes with the Windows Server. You can install it on your desktop and use it. This tool simplifies the control and monitoring of all servers. If I have 200 servers, I don't need to log in to each one to configure it. I can manage them from this tool. However, this tool needs quite a lot of improvements. It's difficult to use, and they need to improve it.""Sometimes the PowerShell has an overly complicated syntax.""The price should be reduced."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"There are no licensing costs for CentOS.""It is open-source, which means it is a free product. It has a one-time deployment cost.""There is no license required for this solution.""There is no price or licensing required — it's open-source.""There are no licensing fees. CentOS is a free solution.""There are no licensing fees for CentOS.""We are using a subscription-based license option for CentOS.""CentOS is a free solution."

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"Microsoft is relatively inexpensive compared to other database platforms.""This is not an expensive product.""It is an expensive product.""In our case, we primarily use Microsoft, so the cost is a lot less. But some of our customers have spent approximately $12,000 a year on the operating system license.""The license model needs improvement.""Our current license is an enterprise license agreement which gives you a whole lot of possibility, especially when you go through an R&D process. For example, you can provision everything, spread the service use over six months, and then wrap it up. It gives you a lot of flexibility.""The Windows Server standard edition is affordable.""We pay yearly for a license. If you ask any vendor they will tell you that it could be cheaper."

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541,462 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Questions from the Community
Top Answer: The most valuable feature is that it is compatible with RedHat.
Top Answer: In the future, CentOS will no longer be compatible with Red Hat. I would prefer that it remains compatible because when it changes, we will no longer be using it. What is missing from this product is… more »
Top Answer: It's easy to set up and deploy.
Top Answer: It could be more secure. We don't like it because if you compare it to Linux, Linux is better.
Top Answer: We have the product that my team works on and we need to, for example, deploy the solution on running servers. That way, the client can access it and the QAs in our team could test it. Also, we have… more »
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CentOS Linux provides a free and open source computing platform to anyone who wishes to use it. CentOS Linux releases are built from publicly available open source source code provided by Red Hat, Inc for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Windows Server 2016 is the most cloud-ready server Microsoft has ever built and includes a lot of technology that was inspired from our experience in the public cloud. It has big improvements in security, software-defined infrastructure and technologies to help developers build modern microservice-based applications, in the cloud or on-site. 

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Find out what your peers are saying about CentOS vs. Windows Server and other solutions. Updated: September 2021.
541,462 professionals have used our research since 2012.

CentOS is ranked 7th in Operating Systems (OS) for Business with 15 reviews while Windows Server is ranked 2nd in Operating Systems (OS) for Business with 117 reviews. CentOS is rated 8.2, while Windows Server is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of CentOS writes "Relegated to a test bench, and therefore is no longer stable". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Windows Server writes "Easy to use, simple to set up, and scales well". CentOS is most compared with Oracle Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise and Oracle Solaris, whereas Windows Server is most compared with Windows 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu Linux, Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris. See our CentOS vs. Windows Server report.

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