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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The solution's business process flow is quite strong. Its reporting is quite good. The standard, basic ITSM functionality like call logging and call flow, for example, are areas the solution really excels in."

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"We have a lot of automation running from our HR system to IT Care Center. When a ticket has been raised to us, we can notify hiring managers on the status of every employee. We also get notifications in Slack for every ticket opened.""It provides the ability to view all information relevant to a task. When you open a task, you can see all sub-tasks and the relevant information underneath it. You don't have to search for all the tasks and cases that are relevant to the same issue. The sub-task listing is the most valuable feature of this solution for us. We are also able to create workflows for things such as new hires and purchase requests. We are using it for onboarding new hires in multiple departments, and we are able to create workflows with IT Care Center. We have subsidiaries, and for every subsidiary, we have different rules. It allows us to put the name of the new hire and the computer and software needs for that subsidiary. Around 30% or 40% of our processes are self-service now. We have additional work to do, but we're getting there. I like the flexibility that IT Care Center provides for creating the forms. I can put the fields, values, dropdowns, etc. It makes things much easier, which is another advantage of this solution. When a user opens a ticket, there are certain values that he or she must enter in order for us to solve the ticket faster. For example, a user must enter his or her email. So, I can create a form with all the things that he or she must do, such as provide an email, phone number, etc. These are required fields. A user can't create a ticket without providing that information. So, it saves time and makes the work efficient.""For a user to open a new ticket, it is very simple. That is an important thing. The system is available for users on the main desktop on their computer, so it is very easy to report tickets. It is very clear. Also, we manage the tickets with rules, according to subject and groups, so they are going to the right person in IT.""IT Care Center enables us to configure simple forms and flows. It makes our daily customer-facing work very efficient and easy. For example, if we want to add some new flows or change something, we have the ability to do it by ourselves in our own time and manner. This makes it very efficient.""It also enables us to configure simple forms and flows. The fact that the system is very flexible for adding fields and other forms assists our customer service, as well as myself as the CIO, to easily view my SLAs and KPIs.""All of my staff is quite familiar with the usage and we customize based on our daily needs and based on different profiles. As a manager, I require diagnostics on a weekly or monthly basis. diagnostics. There needs to be some reporting for management and for my customers' management as well. So we created our own template. All of our different staff were required to do their own tagging or own tracking of cases. We create our own templates. I create my own template for my own weekly and monthly reporting to management. It's quite flexible in the sense that we're able to add our own customized views. We are able to easily export all this information into a proper reporting structure.""It runs smoothly and all of the components are very easy to work with."

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"It's worked well for us for a significant period of time. However, we are kind-of outgrowing it at the moment. We're struggling a bit with making it meet our requirements."

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"They should have full integration with SSO services, like Okta, creating a full service solution.""There is no global support. With our previous system, we had 24/7 global support. We need much faster support. When I have an issue and raise a ticket, someone should call me back. They can also think about having object-oriented APEX so that the agents can easily create dashboards instead of having to learn the complete APEX language. This is something very important for us. We are using Oracle APEX for creating certain dashboards with KPIs. This is the visual platform that we use to see all the data, and it is very important for us because we get all the BI and data. Currently, we have a vendor who helps us with that because we don't know how to use it ourselves. We want to use it to make more dashboards with more KPIs for every department, but we cannot because we don't have the knowledge. We are very dependent on the vendor and the time he has for us.""The UI screens could be a little bit more modern.""I would like the solution to have a native application for mobile phones. While I have IT Care Center in my mobile, it is not a pure application, like Outlook or Teams.""IT Care Center has some room for improvement in regard to mobile. It doesn't have an application, there is only an adaptable web page, and that is less convenient.""Our business is quite interesting because we actually look at our staff based on their productivity. So if a case is created where we want to track the productivity of the user, sometimes we look at how many actual hours they clocked in to solve the case. We realized that it would take quite a lot of hours, which was unusually high. We want to look at how we can measure that against a baseline. For example, every user should resolve the issue within three hours. We want a certain baseline where they have to resolve the issue within certain times and if they don't, I would get alerted.""There is no such thing as a perfect solution and in the past, I have contacted support to implement new features."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Our organization pays about $40,000 annually. There are ongoing consultancy costs and if we want to change anything, we're charged a day rate. Other than that, there are no other extra costs involved in working with the solution."

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"We reduced our costs compared to our previous solution, which was really expensive. We managed to reduce costs by half by switching to IT Care Center, not including any professional services.""With SysAid, we paid for every end-user. If we had 100 end-users, we had to pay for each one of them. With IT Care Center, we can have as many users as we want. We only pay for the end unit. We have the asset manager and different models that we can use for the same price. So, it reduces costs.""Buy it as one package, not as modules. That is from my knowledge and experience. Most of the time, it has better pricing. They have flexibility by price size in the negotiation.""The licensing model is very flexible.""Compared to other products in the market, pricing is reasonable. It does meet our usage and requirements.""This product is very cheap when compared to other platforms."

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Top Answer: We have a lot of automation running from our HR system to IT Care Center. When a ticket has been raised to us, we can notify hiring managers on the status of every employee. We also get notifications… more »
Top Answer: IT Care Center's price was in the middle, where Freshservice was the lowest and SysAid was the highest. The solution's price is fair. Regarding the value that we are getting from the system, it is a… more »
Top Answer: IT Care Center must improve the UI because it looks old-fashioned all the time. They must improve the design and maybe provide more admin training. They should have full integration with SSO services… more »
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IT Care Center Asset Management, IT Care Center Analytics, IT Care Center Application Delivery, IT Care Center Service Catalog
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Supportworks brings you the ideal combination of business process automation, functionality and flexibility. It's a comprehensive ITIL-compatible application that satisfies most requirements out of the box. Fully integrated processes and support templates mean you can rapidly adopt key components of the service lifecycle. If you don't need all the disciplines immediately, just switch them off until you're ready. Supportworks has the flexibility to support any service desk requirement: HR and FM applications are available. which means you can run all your service desks on a single platform, eliminating duplicated effort, reducing hardware and software costs, and simplifying support.

IT Care Center is an affordable end-to-end platform, designed to manage IT operations from ticketing to application development and lifecycle management. The system includes a built-in rapid application development platform that helps organizations meet their specific requirements faster while continuously improving the user experience and a recognised decrease in support costs and incidents ongoing.

The solution can operate as both a cloud and an on-premise service, and it includes a simple user interface, customizable dashboards, internal and external user support, automation, customizable chatbot, SLA management & monitoring tool plus ITIL best practice workflows.

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Find out what your peers are saying about ServiceNow, Atlassian, ManageEngine and others in Help Desk Software. Updated: September 2021.
541,462 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Hornbill Systems Supportworks is ranked 29th in Help Desk Software with 1 review while IT Care Center is ranked 5th in Help Desk Software with 7 reviews. Hornbill Systems Supportworks is rated 6.0, while IT Care Center is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Hornbill Systems Supportworks writes "Excels in call logging and call flows but is limited in terms of scalability". On the other hand, the top reviewer of IT Care Center writes "Reduced the time it takes for consolidating and classifying reports, tracking problems, tickets, and issues". Hornbill Systems Supportworks is most compared with ServiceNow and Freshdesk, whereas IT Care Center is most compared with .

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