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Which help desk software would you recommend for this purpose?
author avatarVadim Tomkevich
Real User

Setting up and running the IT help desk you most probably think about their ability to receive and route tickets in an efficient way. You need to address the following things:
- How they get tickets (portal, calls, e-mail). Good solution would do it mostly automatically without involving help desk members into the process. Proper self-service would allow optimizing the number of tickets.
- How they route tickets to higher levels of support. Again, in many cases it's possible to route tickets automatically so humans mostly focus on exceptional cases.
- How they communicate with users and higher-level support, if it's convenient enough, if the communication is logged properly.
- How smoothly Help Desk integrated with Incident Management and Request Fulfillment processes.
- How Knowledge about resolved tickets is accumulated and shared.
- How to measure Help Desk performance.
To put it, in a nutshell, I'd recommend to look at ITSM Service Desk function holistically, as at the process (even though ITIL say it's a function) and consider typical people-processes-products-partners combination to ensure processes (SD and adjoining ones) are set accurately, properly automated and people are trained to follow them. Consider Help Desk outsourcing as major service providers have this capability in place and can provide Help Desk as an effective service already.

author avatarJosé Rios
Real User

Greetings, first of all what makes a good ticket system?
Responding to your doubts, for ticket management to work, there must be an internal user commitment, document all the required information, follow up and solve what is required as far as possible, on the contrary, with proper follow-up.
However, I recommend GLPI TICKET, which can help you and with statistics.
Here a video how it works has subtitles in Spanish but it is easy to configure.
I recommend installing it in centos.
I'm to order.

author avatarVinod Kanna
Real User

There are lot of processes involved in the ITSM.  You need to check what type of functionality is required for your company like Incident management, change management, problem management , defect management.  If you are looking only for incident management then there are lot of software's available in the market based on your cost.  However, if you have plans to add further modules in future then i will recommend to go for complete ITSM suite like HPSM, Service now , JIRA etc., because these software's comes with various modules integrated.

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What is Help Desk Software?

When asked to weigh in on the essential features of help desk software, IT Central Station users pointed to customizable workflow automation, escalation mechanisms, and an internal system for creating tickets for issues that end users are dealing with. Other features like templates, scripts, and decision trees were also useful, along with notifications, reporting, and scheduling. A knowledge base is an important aspect of help desk software for end users to utilize, and mobile applications that afford users the ability to raise tickets on the go are also of great value. These same applications enable the end users to receive, address, and answer these tickets mobily as well.

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