HPE 3PAR Flash Storage vs IBM FlashSystem

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is ranked 1st in All-Flash Arrays, and IBM FlashSystem is ranked 13th in All-Flash Arrays. The top reviewer of HPE 3PAR Flash Storage writes "It was primarily brought in to replace our EVA with something that was more capable from a performance perspective". The top reviewer of IBM FlashSystem writes "It supports a high IOPS rate. Initial setup is simple.". HPE 3PAR Flash Storage is most often compared with EMC VNX, NetApp All Flash FAS and Pure Storage. IBM FlashSystem is most often compared with Dell EMC XtremIO Flash Storage, HPE 3PAR Flash Storage and Nimble Storage. See also HPE 3PAR Flash Storage Reviews, IBM FlashSystem Reviews, and our list of Best All-Flash Arrays Companies.
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Top Comparisons
Top Comparisons
Compared 12% of the time.
Compared 12% of the time.
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Compared 8% of the time.
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Compared 7% of the time.
Also Known As
Also Known AsInServ, Storeserv, 3PAR Flash Storage, HP Enterprise Storage, 3PAR Flash Array, HP 3PAR Flash Storage
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Our Predictive Flash platform closes the app-data gap, giving you the fastest, most reliable access to data. By combining predictive analytics with flash storage, we radically simplify operations. 
Once you’ve experienced our simplicity, you’ll never go back to traditional infrastructure again. Over 9,000 customers rely on Nimble to power their businesses, both on-premise and in the cloud.

HP 3PAR all-flash storage accelerates business agility by boosting application performance with over 900,000 IOPS at less than 0.7 ms latency. And it does this while delivering all the enterprise-class, Tier-1 features and functionality you expect from the storage platform that powers three of the world’s four largest managed service providers.

IBM FlashSystem products are enterprise computer data storage systems that store data on flash memory chips. Unlike storage systems that use standard solid-state drives, IBM FlashSystem products incorporate custom hardware based on technology from the 2012 acquisition of Texas Memory Systems. This hardware provides performance, reliability, and efficiency benefits versus competitive offerings.
Sample Customers
Sample CustomersAce Relocation, Atkins Nutritionals, Berkeley Research Group, Canadian International School, City of Hot Springs, Clackamas County, Corona-Norco Unified School District, Ideal Integrations, Linear Technology, P&O Maritime, Retail Apparel Group (RAG), Virtual RadiologicJust Energy, Latisys, team AG, DreamWorks, BlueShore Financial, Erasmus MCCelero, Friedhelm Loh Group, Clarks, Mingkang Natregro Health Food Group, Sofia, Etisalat Fights Fraud, UF Health Shands Hospital, Generali, Elecon Engineering Company Limited, Ventiv , Technology, CPFL Energia, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., SciQuest, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Paddy Power, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, Interconnect Services, Severstal IP-Only AB, PVU Group GmbH
Pricing Information
Pricing Information
Quotes From Members Comparing HPE 3PAR Flash Storage vs IBM FlashSystem
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:
“Ease of setup”

“InfoSight analytics has been very valuable with determining upgrade requirements, bottlenecks, etc.”

“The latest update to the site now allows Per-VM monitoring within the Virtual Infrastructure now too”

“Performance Integration with Commvault”

“Support – World Class”

“The Web GUI interface is easy to use and self-explanatory. From the Web GUI you can register the array plugin to vCenter and from within the VMWare Client and the Web Client you have array integration to allow you to Clone Snapshots and present the clone to the ESXi hosts in a couple of mouse clicks. This feature allows VM power users with the appropriate permissions (set in vCenter) to Clone, Snapshot, Expand, delete and even change the Nimble Protection (Snapshot) schedule without needing array logon credentials or needing to go onto the array Web GUI.”

“Nimble permits us to upgrade transparently WITHOUT service interruption not only improves perceptions of IT, but it also changes what is normally a multi-hour process into a 30 minute process… saving time and money.”

“Better VMware integration then EMC does”

“Fibre Channel support”

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  • Creating vVols and assigning them to the hosts is streamlined and easy.
  • The ability to delegate and control every aspect of the storage array has enables you to split the workload safely.
  • The thin and deduplication technologies are quite effective.
  • The replicate, peer persistence, port persistence, and the recovery managers work really well.

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"The most valuable feature is that is supports a high IOPS rate. We have a heavy workload. Some storage systems are not as good in terms of IOPS."

"This products in basically a RAID comprised of SSD drives with PCI-Express interface, that you can connect to 16GB HBAs, making this storage one of the fastest available in the market today."

"For me and for the operations team, the ease-of-use of the GUI is the most valuable feature. It's really easy to understand. It's really easy to do tasks."

"The V9000 incorporates both the Spectrum virtualization layer as well as flash technology. It does it in such a unique manner that it provides super fast response times. There's low latency for the customers."

"The virtualization, the flattening, and those advanced characteristics of the product are really what our customers have gravitated towards on the V9000."

"The speed and the ease of installation are the most valuable features. The IBM FlashSystem is the fastest in the industry. You can add it to their other products, such as IBM SAN Volume Controller, and virtualize it."

"The valuable features are snapshots and snap logs. We only use those on our flash system."

"IBM XIV is the most valuable part of this solution. It is easy to use and manage."

"The most valuable features were the performance of the array, i.e., very low latency and high IOPS."

"We use the IBM SAN Volume Controller to provide a single management interface for virtualized storage."

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“Web GUI should be HTML5.”

“Use smaller form factor disk to provide more spindles.”

“I’d like to see in-line deduplication extended to Nimble non-flash (called “Hybrid”) arrays, even if it’s only the C500 and higher controllers that support it.”

“The amount of firmware updates released seem excessive.”

“I would like to see integration with OneView, at least for reporting or some sort of monitoring. Basic stuff like that would be nice.”

“I would like to see SSL Certification.”

“They keep talking about doing one-to-many replication. This is what we'd like to see, just to help with data replication.”

“I really would like to see synchronous replication. This is something that when we have multiple arrays in our environment and being able to do something like a zero RPO.”

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“The management console could use some work. All the functionality is there, of course, but it can be hard to find some features or do certain tasks.”

“Upgrades on them are a bit tricky. For us to do a head swap on one is a full outer joiner storage frame, which is obviously not that easy to do in a production environment.”

“I'd like to see just a little bit more virtualization so that as I work on the front end, I can make any necessary disc switches. I'd also like to see expanded correspondence systems.”

“It should be hardware independent”

“...fairly expensive...”

“Need to have pre-defined setups for your clients so that you know that the configuration at the LS is correct.”

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"We need to update it maybe three or four time a year because of the new features and bug fixes."

"When you provision a datastore auto-format takes a long time."

"This storage is factory configured so it's very difficult and expensive to add more flash modules (disk capacity)."

"That would be really good to have deduplication built in, not only with compression, but also have deduplication with it."

"The several major crashes resulted in the entire weekends being lost in rebuilding the array and then for restoring the data. This was caused each time by a memory card failure and the array's inability to use a spare card. The array level RAID does not seem available."

"There is a need for more help with the commands because, from version to version, they change; so what I used to use back in the different version, I can't use now."

"With regards to the IBM V7000 storage system, where we have multiple tiers of storage, a heat map would show I/O distribution across the tiers of storage. I'd like to see some type of heat map reporting on the management console."

"The HSM management console GUI still need some enhancements. It is still a bit awkward in navigation, and some functions/features are not yet fully integrated into the GUI support, but only via CLI."

"For now, when we make snapshots one by one, they depend on each other. If we delete the first snapshot, then we can lose the others. We really need functional snapshots which are independent of each other."

"NetApp has devices which include a service processor in nodes, which could be used to restart the nodes remotely. IBM should implement something like this."

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Hpe 3par flash storage vs. ibm flashsystem report from it central station 2017 11 05 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about HPE 3PAR Flash Storage vs. IBM FlashSystem and others in All-Flash Arrays
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242,381 professionals have used our research on 5,991 solutions.
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