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QlikView is ranked 3rd in Business Intelligence Tools with 22 reviews vs TIBCO Spotfire which is ranked 11th in Business Intelligence Tools with 15 reviews. The top reviewer of QlikView writes "Enables us to build complex models very quickly and helps with data visualization". The top reviewer of TIBCO Spotfire writes "The ability to handle large volumes of data through its in-memory OLAP is valuable". QlikView is most compared with Microsoft BI, Tableau and Oracle OBIEE. TIBCO Spotfire is most compared with Microsoft BI, Denodo and Tableau. See our QlikView vs. TIBCO Spotfire report.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

On the positive side, QlikView's scripting is a great asset as it functions as an ETL.It's pretty easy to deploy.The initial setup is not very complex.You can do a lot of things on the back end which are not possible in the other solutions on the market.I had the option to prepare data myself instead of always having to depend on the data team.Scripting as per a customer's need, which is a pretty cool feature and not available in other tools.The in-memory feature gives us better insight. It's also easy to drill down into the information and select information.Associative model - no more cubes.

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We used it pretty heavily in gathering data, which goes to our VPs. They are able to base their next revenue planning based on this metric. So, it has been invaluable.The ability to connect to many different data sources is one of the key features. The other would then be the different ways in which that data can be visualized.R and automation services.One of the main features is integrated statistical analysis.Data discovery is very simple.

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If a user wanted to see something not included in the application the new object had to be created by a power user or developer because Qlik view's scripting has somewhat of a learning curve.I would want them to have more options as a user. It would be nice for them to create their own dashboards and add fields.The pricing is high.It needs work with visualization.Needs improvement with UI transparency.More/newer visualisation components need to be added.Installation and deployment could be made easier and quicker.For me, it is important to have a mix, what is the "view" and what is the "sense", Qlik Sense. They have two tools, but for me it is important to have only one tool, which combines the functions that we have from one side and the other side.

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We would like an easier way to get the product to the cloud. Right now, we have the on-premise version, and we would like to find a way to make it easier to migrate it over to the cloud.I would like more easy-to-implement analytical algorithms. At the moment they include things like forecasts and regressions. They need to add a lot more of these types of things to the product because not everyone is a data scientist.Print capability and trigger-based events.Compared to competitors, the UI is quite dated.The number of charts available out of the box in Spotfire can be enhanced.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
It is not very expensive. I think it it is on par with other similar products on the market.The pricing is too high compared to the other solutions on the market.Qlik is fairly high in terms of pricing.QlikView pricing and licensing is on the high side for a small sized company, but it's competitive among its peers.Pricing is a bit too high and I think licenses should be unlimited.

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The Tibco sales teams have been very difficult to work with - ignoring requests, misrepresenting level of demand, etc.

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Answers from the Community
Anonymous User
Prasun MitraConsultant

I work in the area of data analytics and data management from a solutions standpoint.
From my experience on Data Visualization Tools and the their utilities from the customers standpoint I would like to mention the following key criteria not in the order of importance which varies from customer to customer(these are not necessarily all the criteria but are certainly among the important ones):
1.  Ease of use, ie does not require an IT guy to help operate all the time 2. Easy to deploy 3. Integration with portals or standalone 4. The user profiles: Who are the users in terms of their hierarchy in the org and their roles/responsibilities within the org? How do they best visualize their data? Where do they best visualize their data?-Mobile/desktop/conf room/tablets/ and so on. 5. How does the tool integrate with the data sources and how many different types of data sources do they support? Of course not all customers have a large number of data sources but the tool is likely to satisfy a majority of customers if it has good integration capability. 6. How does it work with cloud based apps of the customer? 7. Security of distributed reports/dashboards and data. 8. The tool's ability to support data "type" identification. 9. Speed 10. Types of reports/visualization/ etc

Regards, Prasun Mitra

09 January 15
Sanjay-KumarReal User

Hi There,

Amaze! I have been looking bing for hours because of this and i also in the end think it is in this article! Maybe I recommend you something helps me all the time?

In Web Player application, there is an attribute to logout a user on inactivity logout (inactivityTimeout - Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.Web.config).
Unfortunately it only works in library browser. So, it doesn't work when an analysis is open or on an administrator page like "Users & Groups". 
Is it possible to have a global inactivity timeout function to logout a user when he does nothing during a period of time (ie. 15min)?
Please note "Absolute session timeout" is not convinience for our users because they need to login every 15min.

https://asha24.com/blog/introduction-to-tibco-spotfire">I look forward to see your next updates.

Merci Beaucoup,
Irene Hynes

11 April 18
it_user177480Real User

This is really helpful--thanks so much for the reply--I will definitely look at your post--thanks again! Bob

08 January 15
JhornberReal User

Hi Robert,

Last year I evaluated all the tools you mentioned. If you're interested in my actual evaluation criteria, you can locate the post on my profile page. Data visualization tools all tend to get grouped under a single category, but I think they can be subcategorized. A key qualifier in my mind is what type of data visualization tool one is looking for, or rather, what the primary use of the tool will be. If it's business-user friendly, drag and drop, ad hoc data exploration, I'd lean toward Tableau (though cost can be an impediment for some). However, If it's a polished, designed dashboards, that provide a more guided interaction, then I'd lean toward a more flexible tool like Qlikview. Alternatively, if your focus was on predictive analytics & data science, Spotfire (or SAS) might be a better option. One should also consider the state and type of data the Data Viz tool will be accessing, as some are far more flexible in the data types they ingest/combine, and each tool provides varying degrees of ETL-type functionality. There is, so far as I've determined to date, no single tool, that is the clear leader in all those areas, so it's likely about determining the specific needs of the business, and determining which tool balances them best. Hope that helps get you going!


08 January 15
Virginio D'AmicoReal User

I can’t actually say I’m a true expert on Business Intelligence Tools, since my BI experience is restricted to a few platforms being used in my company.
Our data infrastructure is based on a SAP platform (R/3 systems + Business Warehouse), where most of our business data are stored.
As a BI platform, we started from bare SAP BW, then moved to Business Objects with not so brilliant results and finally, one year ago, me decidedly moved to Tableau.
Tableau has been an exciting discovery and seems to be able to keep all its promises. It’s a beautifully designed software and is very flexible and powerful.
For now we can say Tableau will be our reference BI platform were all analyses and reports are being developed. In about one year of practice, as a developer I can say I have a good knowledge of Tableau, so if you want to know more I am available.

Best regards,

Virginio D’Amico
Business Intelligence Manager

08 January 15
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QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to keep tabs on all of your business-related information in a clean, clear, and easy to access database that is intuitive to build and simple to navigate. It is ideal for business owners who wish to improve overall output by creating the most productive system possible.

TIBCO Spotfire is your secret weapon. You can create beautiful, interactive visualizations that will help you find the critical insights hiding in your data - fast. Spotfire gives you the tools to quickly and easily examine, organize, analyze and comprehend your data to see connections, patterns, and opportunities.

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Find out what your peers are saying about QlikView vs. TIBCO Spotfire and other solutions.
310,151 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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