Michael Roytman, MBA Global Management

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Senior Enterprise Architect
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1,001-5,000 Employees
Individual & Family Service
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10+ years
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Solve business problems using technology. Archimate, TOGAF, and Business Model Canvas are the best way to visualize how people, processes, content and systems interact. Utilize Sparx Enterprise Architect and Archi to do most of the Business Architecture modeling. Altova XMLSpy and other tools seem to work best for information modeling, taxonomy development, and data service definitions. Adobe and Visual Studio IDEs work great as development environments.

Love and promote simple, elegant and pragmatic user interface. Strive to design the applications, data visualization and presentation materials using these principles.

Business communities and social conversation take place with or without your firm's presence. Participate, build relationships, listen to your customers and competitors, improve and overcome.

Mentor young kids in efficient use of Microsoft Office for school projects. Lead and innovate with college seniors. Learn from them how the young generation of employees think, discover, and solve problems.