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Over 1 year ago
I am unfamiliar with the IBM SPSS Modeler but use KNIME and Alteryx for different projects. Alteryx is an excellent, very easy to get started with and get to results data cleansing, ETL, analytics, geospatial modeling, predictive analytics. I build reusable macros in…
About 6 years ago
I agree with your proposed improvements recommendations. Frankly, I have tried to use Sparx EA for requirements management, but since the tool is not marketing itself for that purpose, our company already uses another, cloud-based requirements management facility, it was not…
About 6 years ago
@srdirect9129 Good day, We are exploring various BI/Data Analytics/Visualization technologies. I saw your post related to Tibco Spotfire learning which I am very interested to acquire. If you can provide or point me to materials related to Spotfire 7, possibly a demo that…
About 6 years ago
Thank you, Everyone. All of your point are valid and well taken. Greatly appreciate your time and insight!
About 6 years ago
Thank you, Ed and Evan. I am in the process of analysis of Qlik, Tableau, Power BI and Tibco Spotfire, to formulate an architectural recommendation. I will review your materials. Kind regards, Michael.
About 6 years ago
Hello, I would suggest you look at Microsoft Visio 2013, which allows linking of Excel to Visio objects. You will be able to configure the Visio object meta data to receive values from your Excel. Even the visual representation can be controlled, somewhat, by Excel. The…

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Solve business problems using technology. Archimate, TOGAF, and Business Model Canvas are the best way to visualize how people, processes, content and systems interact. Utilize Sparx Enterprise Architect and Archi to do most of the Business Architecture modeling. Altova XMLSpy and other tools seem to work best for information modeling, taxonomy development, and data service definitions. Adobe and Visual Studio IDEs work great as development environments.

Love and promote simple, elegant and pragmatic user interface. Strive to design the applications, data visualization and presentation materials using these principles.

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Mentor young kids in efficient use of Microsoft Office for school projects. Lead and innovate with college seniors. Learn from them how the young generation of employees think, discover, and solve problems.