erwin Evolve Benefits

Director IT Architecture at QAD
Two years ago, the solution was instrumental in the following way. We're in California so we're affected by the fires and mudslides that happen here. Our main data center was almost completely cut off for a couple of days. After we restored everything and we went through the disaster recovery scenario, a lot of stakeholders were surprised to find out that the systems or application that they care about were not under disaster recovery protection and they were wondering why. We were able to use the tool to show them how they could see what was under disaster recovery and why their things were not under disaster recovery, which was basically due to cost. Everybody then got excited about having more disaster recovery because when disaster happens you're more worried about it for the future. We used the tool to work with the stakeholders of various departments to flesh out plans for disaster recovery, showing them what could be affected when something is broken or isn't working. It was a good visual aid, since we have all the data in there, to explain to the end-users and the stakeholders what we had to do to go forward. It wasn't really about saving money. It was about improving our business, but it was instrumental in helping regular businesspeople understand the IT world. Overall, the solution provides output for users across our whole company. It brings visibility to every single employee. We're a software company and we have a lot of applications. There are people at the helpdesk and people in different departments, HR and so forth, who are responsible for a particular application. If one of those applications isn't working and someone calls the helpdesk, the helpdesk needs to know who they're supposed to route the ticket to. In the old days, we would keep all that information in a spreadsheet and we would circulate the spreadsheet, and we would update it once a year and it was always out of date. With erwin, we keep track of that stuff in the database and they can very easily look it up. They can also see what they are responsible for themselves. An employee could then negotiate with their boss about being responsible for a server, for example, because it's more interesting to that employee. erwin keeps track of roles and responsibilities much better than anything else we've had before. That is one example of why it's valuable to everybody in the company. The solution is critical to driving business change and transformation in our company in that it helps us make the argument for driving change. The application itself isn't going to drive any change; it's inert. Recently, one of the directives that our CIO has been interested in is moving applications that we have to the Google Cloud. One way I can help convince people to take their application and move it to the cloud is to show them how many other applications are moved to the cloud, and which ones have not been moved. This tool helps me visualize that for people, and I can very quickly pull up the diagram of all the applications that are in our data center in California. That can drive the conversation. erwin supports change and innovation but you have to use it properly. View full review »
Jeff Calvert
Sr. Enterprise Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
With Visio, you simply get a picture, a diagram. It doesn't have any intelligence behind it and you can't really do any collaboration. The collaboration that we do use with erwin EA is like a check-in/check-out-type of functionality where, if I'm working on a diagram, my colleague can only see the diagram but he can't change it. He's locked out while I'm working on it. Because work is in a single, hosted location, everyone is hitting the same image. That's helped us a lot in being able to share work and exchange ideas and thoughts. We can make changes and still have it all in one central repository. That's helped us a lot because we're a geographically distributed group of people. Before erwin, we would have had to send giant files back and forth. We had to send PDFs and printed copies of things. To work in Visio you really have to exchange files: You update a file, send it to a person, have them look at it, mark it up, scan it, and PDF it back to you. It was not very good. View full review »
Senior Business Process Management Architect at a pharma/biotech company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We are using it to deploy all the processes and IT interfaces for our biggest update project. Without this tool, we couldn't have made and defined all the new processes. Using the tool we have managed to document some 200 business processes. It also helped us to design our qualification review, because we are a pharmaceutical. The most helpful part is when you try to integrate things; when you have to define some business rules and make sure that there is some integrity in these business rules. In addition, it has helped us to define the configuration of our SAP software. These are the areas it has really helped us during the two last years. And now we are using it to evaluate our software application changes. It is really helpful because we have documented a lot of things and enables us to do impact analyses. View full review »
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Enterprise Architect at a aerospace/defense firm with 10,001+ employees
It's helped us advance in our capabilities to perform model-based systems engineering, and also model-based enterprise architecture; in those two domains. By placing the data and the metadata into a model, which is what the tool does, you gain the abilities for linkages between different objects in the model, linkages that you cannot get on paper or with Visio or PowerPoint. That is a huge discriminator. In addition, the solution’s web platform tells us which insights have been accessed the most. That provides us with clues as to what are the most important things to our stakeholders, so we can better adapt to their needs. I use the automatic diagramming features a lot. When one of Erwin's company reps showed that to me a couple of years ago, I was stunned. That saves hours of work in diagramming. That capability is something I have not seen in other suppliers' tools. That really helps too with when your data is up to date. The tool will then automatically generate the updated diagram based on the data, so you know it's always the most current version. You can't do that in things like Visio and PowerPoint. They're static snapshots of a diagram at some point in time. This is live and dynamic. View full review »
Global Enterprise Architect and Catalogue of Business Solutions Manager at a recruiting/HR firm with 10,001+ employees
We use erwin Evolve to publish to the website. This allows us to enable publishing our website using parameterisation features. In a very fast, quick way, we can publish a table or chart onto a website. This is the first time that we have a central repository in our company where we can see and look at all the legacy applications which are used to serve the world. We are able to consolidate all our new solutions/technologies and plan some standards in our company. Its reports show our IT landscape and we can better understand how technology is communicating. It's taking the place more and more of our daily usage, as a way to consume information since it's more concentrated. While I don't think it will become critical, it will become more useful on a daily basis in order to plan and follow IT transformation. View full review »
IT Director at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The product is a repository for our procedures and what it really helped improve are the processes that we want in place to gather the standard operating procedures. As part of the governance around that, we had a team that represented all the divisions and we had to get to consensus on a way to document a procedure that would work across all the divisions; to get some sort of standardization and agreement. The Evolve tool was a real impetus to have that happen. To put it into the tool, they had to go through that governance process, to really do some standardization on our processes and procedures. Then we were able to put them in the tool. Now, in projects across the US, they're able to find the standard operating procedures to help them on their jobs. The process of capturing all the standard operating procedures forced us to come to an agreement across all the divisions, as far as standardization goes. That was really huge. It was something that was really needed. Going through that effort enabled us to become more a single company, as opposed to independent divisions where each had its own way of doing things. The solution provides output for users across our whole organization. Now, there's a website that everybody has access to and they can look at the policies in our company and at our procedures, including the application catalog and the different parts of our enterprise organization. View full review »
Data Architect at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees
Enterprise Architecture improved our organization by giving clarity over the data that is available. View full review »
Rico Chiang
Chief Consultant at A.I. Consultancy Ltd
This solution helped to jump start our EA (Enterprise architecture) and BPM practices. View full review »
Sri Sattiraju
User at AIT Resource Group
Creating and publishing DW models. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about erwin Evolve. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
418,116 professionals have used our research since 2012.