Business process management report from it central station 2017 06 18
Find out what your peers are saying about Bizagi, Bonitasoft, Software AG and others in Business Process Management.
214,054 professionals have used our research on 5,589 solutions.
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What is Business Process Management?

Business process management (BPM) is an area where IT and business (theoretically) work together to make an organization’s workflows more effective and efficient. BPM has become more prominent in recent years as organizations have expanded and grown more complex – creating a need for managers to build coherent process workflows that touch multiple systems. BPM software brings it all together, enabling business analysts to collaborate with IT and orchestrate business process steps that invoke different underlying systems.

BPM is one of those concepts that sounds great, and has truly strong potential but is notoriously hard to implement well. As a result, members of IT Central Station emphasize usability as a key selection factor when deciding which BPM solution to buy. Users want fast results and easy deployment from BPM tools. On the end user front, powerful wizards, for example, can streamline workflow design and automation processes. The best BPM tools provide mechanisms for capturing business processes. This minimizes the repetitive, error-prone process of transposing business analysts’ observations into BPM requirements.

On the back end, admins and architects want the ability to integrate with other systems like SAP, Oracle and so forth. BPM platforms have to be flexible, modeling business processes transversely to all areas of a company. The toolset should ideally accept multiple data types and offer rules-based decision workflow capabilities. There should be logical modeling and embedded programming within BPM libraries. Task components ought to be reusable for the sake of efficiency.

Some users express a desire for BPM software packages to support Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), a standard for the graphical representation for describing business processes. Specifically, IT Central Station members expect a BPM suite to support BPMN 2.0, the latest version, from modeling through execution. In the best case scenario, the tool won’t create extra work for developers. Users like real java-like hooks into development of the business process model to help developers easily build integrations. Members prefer BPM that doesn't use any type of  proprietary scripting language.

Business Process Management Reviews

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Business process management report from it central station 2017 06 18
Find out what your peers are saying about Bizagi, Bonitasoft, Software AG and others in Business Process Management.
214,054 professionals have used our research on 5,589 solutions.
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Eugen Dahl
Solution Architect / Senior Consultant at Vivento AS
Business process management report from it central station 2017 06 18
Find out what your peers are saying about Bizagi, Bonitasoft, Software AG and others in Business Process Management.
214,054 professionals have used our research on 5,589 solutions.

Business Process Management QuestionsAsk the community a question

Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Mar 06 2017
4f1b5766 627e 4f0d addd 60b2078963e7 avatar?1443539994
sababazblBPM Tool(s) often present themselves as "one shop" fits all. My preference... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Syam PrasadI would rate a BPM suite based on the following capabilities.... more »
F46c0dc6 3fe6 45f5 95c7 3d4dcca9a254 avatar
Priya MBesides the basic elements of the budget, the type of BPM software and the... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Anonymous avatar x30
Raj J.Doesn't look like I can attach a document here so I put some sample questions... more »
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Avinash MendseCan you give us more details of the business for which you need BPM because... more »
Hadas Bergman
Community Mgr
BI Expert at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerSorry, we have no generally usable matrix to share at this time, but... more »
Alexander samarin li?1414329915
Alexander SAMARINHi Ariel, For example, do you want to execute your processes at this scale... more »
Rusty isaac li?1414329905
Rusty IsaacWhich is better - the Forrester Wave or the Gartner MQ? How are they... more »
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Mar 03 2017
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerThe answer to that question (“What would a checklist of must-haves include... more »
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerGood points, Andy Seems the best we all might hope to accomplish in... more »
Anon429 li?1414328793
Andy BoltaxI'm not sure I agree with reviewer115254. A lot of what (s)he recommends is... more »
IT Leader at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Woman 341218 640
Diane JonesAppian, Open Text and Oracle are good BPMs, but they require significant... more »
Anon429 li?1414328793
Andy BoltaxOur only experience is with Appian, for which we are a Value Added Service... more »
Anon429 li?1414328793
Andy BoltaxHi Pratyush, I don't know about pricing relative to competitors.... more »

Business Process Management RFP Templates and Other Tools

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Enterprise Architect
Paul has over 20 years of commercial experience in the IT industry having working in all areas of IT including both technical and non-technical roles. He is currently consulting in the Enterprise Architecture space and particularly in Mobile Application Design, Business Process and Business... more>>
Nikola dlaka li?1414332889

Starting as a developer entusiast... Continuing as a consultant and service provider... Still trying to bring the worlds of business and IT a bit closer...
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Neil Simpson is the founder and principal consultant of InnoVelocity, the leading US implementation partner for Bizagi, with a 10-year track record helping customers large and small achieve outstanding results with BPM, Case Management and Digital Transformation. Our nationwide team of 8... more>>

Project Manager
Professional Goal: Work as BPM professional - Business Process Management I am graduated in business administration with experience in large multinational company in IT and process management, fluent English spoken and written, international experience with study abroad. I work a few years... more>>
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Gerente de TI y Consultoría de Procesos de Negocios - PKF Controller Information Technology Project Coordinator - CETISA IT Senior Consultant - HGSA/HESA Commercial Director FMG Franchising Operations Consultant FMG Information Security Consultant Information Systems Audit... more>>
Ownerand9465 li?1414329476

TOP 20
Owner and technical specialist at Thinknique, providing BPM solutions using Kofax TotalAgility. Former Kofax Vice President for BPM for the Asia Pacific region. With broad experience in BPM (TotalAgility in particular) and Microsoft development technologies. Direct implementation... more>>
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Solution Architect / Senior Consultant
In early 2001, I graduated high school, specialized in computers/office machines, and started working as a computer technician for Elkjøp Norge in Kristiansand. Shortly after, I was hired into Enitsør, a telecom company developing fiber broadband products, to administer their servers and network.... more>>

A leading expert in decision management and in the development of Decision Management Systems. Experienced working with business rules, predictive analytics and other decisioning technologies to improve operational systems. Published author - Decision Management Systems (IBM Press), Smart... more>>
Reviewed Everest Blueriq: First Look – Aquima
Lamine ghemati li?1414332132

Founder and developer of online sales site Active member of the ATLAS Association website administrator and event organizer RDV Leaders - cms/137
Reviewer255321 avatar 1434381003?1434381000

Sr. Lead Engineer, Sr. BPM Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Co-Founder & Senior Consultant, IT
Senior level information technology and management experience. Industry background spans technology, financial, government plus healthcare, and includes Fortune 500 global companies. Extensive knowledge working with board members and business executives at all levels, managing large and complex... more>>
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Principal Consultant, Andaman Advisory Sdn Bhd, Malaysia With 35 years experience in IT ranging from programming to architecture designs and vast experience in IT Management my goals are to research, innovate and implement: (1) IT practices (2) Business System Solutions (3)... more>>

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