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Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, Bizagi, Bonitasoft and others in Business Process Design.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.
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Business Process Design Reviews

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Business process design report from it central station 2017 10 14 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, Bizagi, Bonitasoft and others in Business Process Design.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.
Business process design report from it central station 2017 10 14 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, Bizagi, Bonitasoft and others in Business Process Design.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.

Business Process Design Questions

Intern at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
Jul 14 2017
Anonymous avatar x30
Icky Du BuissonI’m not sure about the question. Is it about the difference between No Magic... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Dominic RoyHi, You mentioned prices and I don't really know the difference between... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer139326I only worked in testing Sparx Enterprise Architect as a replacement for... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Oct 20 2017
1f1fd975 2cb9 461a a2dd e4d806412fc4 avatar
NeerajRanaEvaluating Business Process Design from ARIS perspective would mean the kind... more »
Fe230f51 f014 4e9e b6f6 101a5b887fbf avatar?1448436581
Sayede Salim Mohamed AhmedI f there is already templates of the shelf related to industry strandards more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer752379The physical location of process participants in relation to each other... more »
Add paulparisi

Enterprise Architect
Paul has over 20 years of commercial experience in the IT industry having working in all areas of IT including both technical and non-technical roles. He is currently consulting in the Enterprise Architecture space and particularly in Mobile Application Design, Business Process and Business... more>>
F7e780d4 fc77 4ec4 9ff0 feb4b387d89e avatar

Neil Simpson is the founder and principal consultant of InnoVelocity, the leading US implementation partner for Bizagi, with a 10-year track record helping customers large and small achieve outstanding results with BPM, Case Management and Digital Transformation. Our nationwide team of 8... more>>
F3a3ca15 2acb 414f a138 31ba10d48335 avatar?1442241849

enterprise architect, IT architect, freelancer
Available again in April 2016, until then additional smaller activities possible. My solution: Integrated architecture; boosting productivity, consistency, and quality in projects using model-driven documentation (MDD) Expert in MagicDraw and Alfabet (planningIT).
Nikola dlaka li?1414332889

Starting as a developer entusiast... Continuing as a consultant and service provider... Still trying to bring the worlds of business and IT a bit closer...

Project Manager
Professional Goal: Work as BPM professional - Business Process Management I am graduated in business administration with experience in large multinational company in IT and process management, fluent English spoken and written, international experience with study abroad. I work a few years... more>>
Add murugappanramanathan

IT Consultant and Adviser
With 35 years experience in IT ranging from programming to architecture designs and vast experience in IT Management my goals are to research, innovate and implement: (1) IT practices (2) Business System Solutions (3) Methodologies (4) Business Processes. Specialties: (1) Business Process... more>>
2723db58 78cd 4888 8980 9e86dfeccb29 avatar
Solution Architect - Senior Consultant
Experience Areas: Solution/Enterprise Architecture, System Integration, Fault and Disaster Tollerant Design, Network topology and Traffic, Capacity Planning, DB and OS Performance Tunning, Advanced Database Design, Analysis/Design/Test, Object Oriented/Component Development, MIS/DSS (KPI, KRI,... more>>
Dadc8454 023e 42e7 8f24 a42603bf5dd9 avatar
I am a TOGAF certified architect, with a wealth of practical experience. I have worked as a consultant, training and mentoring architecture teams in the use of emerging standards and industry best practices. I’ve helped establish and lead high performing process, solution and enterprise... more>>
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: Supports modeling standards such as UML, BPMN, and...
Ron burns crisc avatar 1431474588?1431474586
TOP 10
Business Consultant
Unsure if you might be the next Target or Home Depot? Need culture change with focus on data protection? Better reach out so we can talk it over. Let me know if you are serious about info security. Strong technical skills, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, and regulatory compliance. more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: It allowed teams and team members all over the world...
F5015c47 0ebd 46a7 a218 82d08dd07ee5 avatar
Business Process Management Consultant and Business Analyst
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
IT Consultant
Motivated IT Director who consistently achieves objectives; Experience gained across a large number of projects, services and technologies. Well developed inter-personal skills, motivation and team building, with an analytical and investigative approach to work. In depth understanding of... more>>
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: We've improved overall to some extent.​ UML analysis...
5798c96b 4cef 4b9a 8cec 77dc8f8dc1c3 avatar
TOP 20
Vice President, Senior Consultant
3de2e2ec 188f 420b a274 5cf258b3ae09 avatar
TOP 20
Operational Excellence Consultant
3e7f3b61 2b63 46d3 8076 6e032c2bf95a avatar
TOP 20
Senior Associate Consultant
Lamine ghemati li?1414332132

Founder and developer of online sales site Active member of the ATLAS Association website administrator and event organizer RDV Leaders - cms/137
Add ed

Solution Architect / Senior Consultant
In early 2001, I graduated high school, specialized in computers/office machines, and started working as a computer technician for Elkjøp Norge in Kristiansand. Shortly after, I was hired into Enitsør, a telecom company developing fiber broadband products, to administer their servers and network.... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Business Process Improvement and Transformation Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Reviewer255321 avatar 1434381003?1434381000

Sr. Lead Engineer, Sr. BPM Consultant

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