Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, Bizagi, Software AG and others in Business Process Design.
284,207 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, Bizagi, Software AG and others in Business Process Design.
284,207 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Enterprise Architect
Paul has over 20 years of commercial experience in the IT industry having working in all areas of IT including both technical and non-technical roles. He is currently consulting in the Enterprise Architecture space and particularly in Mobile Application Design, Business Process and Business... more>>

enterprise architect, IT architect, freelancer
Available again in April 2016, until then additional smaller activities possible. My solution: Integrated architecture; boosting productivity, consistency, and quality in projects using model-driven documentation (MDD) Expert in MagicDraw and Alfabet (planningIT).

Neil Simpson is the founder and principal consultant of InnoVelocity, the leading US implementation partner for Bizagi, with a 10-year track record helping customers large and small achieve outstanding results with BPM, Case Management and Digital Transformation. Our nationwide team of 8... more>>

IT Consultant and Adviser
With 35 years experience in IT ranging from programming to architecture designs and vast experience in IT Management my goals are to research, innovate and implement: (1) IT practices (2) Business System Solutions (3) Methodologies (4) Business Processes. Specialties: (1) Business... more>>
Senoir consultant
• I'm a business facing, Process Consultant, expert in the use of the ARIS BPM Suite and Methodology to deliver transformational change to organizations across different verticals • 12+ years of experience in Software Industry in BPM domain as Senior ARIS Consultant/ Business Process... more>>
Business Architect
Experience Areas: Solution/Enterprise Architecture, System Integration, Fault and Disaster Tollerant Design, Network topology and Traffic, Capacity Planning, DB and OS Performance Tunning, Advanced Database Design, Analysis/Design/Test, Object Oriented/Component Development, MIS/DSS (KPI, KRI,... more>>

Starting as a developer entusiast... Continuing as a consultant and service provider... Still trying to bring the worlds of business and IT a bit closer...
TOP 20
IT Consultant
Motivated IT Director who consistently achieves objectives; Experience gained across a large number of projects, services and technologies. Well developed inter-personal skills, motivation and team building, with an analytical and investigative approach to work. In depth understanding of... more>>
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: We've improved overall to some extent.​ UML analysis...
TOP 20
Business Consultant
Unsure if you might be the next Target or Home Depot? Need culture change with focus on data protection? Better reach out so we can talk it over. Let me know if you are serious about info security. Strong technical skills, risk management, strategic planning, reporting, and regulatory compliance. more>>
TOP 20
I am working as a Senior Manager within the Technology Services group of Capgemini. During last 5 years, I focused on application migration and modernization area gaining the experience on complete end to end lifecycle starting with Sales to Planning to Delivery. I was engaged on projects... more>>
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: The architectural blueprints in it act as a key...
TOP 20
I am a TOGAF certified architect, with a wealth of practical experience. I have worked as a consultant, training and mentoring architecture teams in the use of emerging standards and industry best practices. I’ve helped establish and lead high performing process, solution and enterprise... more>>
Reviewed Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect: Supports modeling standards such as UML, BPMN, and...
Founder and developer of online sales site Active member of the ATLAS Association website administrator and event organizer RDV Leaders - cms/137
Solution Architect / Senior Consultant
In early 2001, I graduated high school, specialized in computers/office machines, and started working as a computer technician for Elkjøp Norge in Kristiansand. Shortly after, I was hired into Enitsør, a telecom company developing fiber broadband products, to administer their servers and network.... more>>

Project Manager
Professional Goal: Work as BPM professional - Business Process Management I am graduated in business administration with experience in large multinational company in IT and process management, fluent English spoken and written, international experience with study abroad. I work a few years... more>>

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