Kount Valuable Features

Megan Mahoney
Director, Compliance Services at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is its ability to create your own ruleset and edit it whenever you want. Their reporting functionality is very helpful. It's really robust. There's a feature that's user-defined fields where it allows you the option to customize your needs. If I had a specific field that wasn't integrated initially from the standard data points that Kount requires, there might be different companies that have different data points in their order management systems that aren't universal. They're very specific to the business and Kount has user-defined fields where it's very easy for your internal development team to use the user-defined field and filter in whatever data point you want. You can get very granular into the specific needs that you need in the trends that you're seeing for fraud. View full review »
Kumaraguru Muthuraj
Staff Engineer at Intuit
I was working with the UI integration part. I have an understanding of what happens in the background as a black-box. I mark second transactions as good or bad and I posted on the back-end for them to look at this information to do the first thing. It's very critical. There are a lot of complaints and government laws around this so if I can't generate my paycheck at 3:00 PM for you, it's perfectly okay. But I want to get the check by 3:30 and if it doesn't happen, if the guy takes a different route, then we have a problem and there are a lot of complaints. We faced something like this in 2051 or 2016, I believe. So it's pretty critical that the work that they do is of good quality in the end. If you do something wrong, you should be able to discover that. Coming back to the features, the intelligent JavaScript integration is something that I liked. I think a year later, 2018, we didn't have Kount for the mobile applications. So the mobile team was totally different, I had to educate them. I had to tell them what happened. I didn't actually know their value. I didn't realize it until three, four months later. I realized that the value Kount adds is very good and I was able to showcase this work quite to a lot of people, and educate people in the mobile division. I liked the work. It's not just its features but also the work was very interesting. View full review »
Chris Zappato
Senior Fraud and Chargeback Analyst at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
In general, the amount of data that is available and on display all at once as you are looking into a specific transaction, including email addresses, names, and IP addresses — it's pretty amazing. It's an in-depth, all-in-one solution. View full review »