Mirantis Container Cloud Room for Improvement

Rama Susarla
Transformation Leader at TEKsystems (ex Aston Carter)

You need to be aware of the complete networking aspects of Docker across walled communications. That is something that you can simplify. For a developer, it is easy to understand if you have networking knowledge. 

If you are just a developer without networking knowledge, it's very difficult to understand how to communicate across walls using containers. Especially if you're in a call data center. That's the one aspect which I find very difficult.

I'm a coder. I've wanted to see an easy way to integrate seamlessly with other systems. For example, Jenkins has a Docker plugin. If you were to write an integration, you need to explicitly write code, especially for customizations. It's not easy to integrate unless you are a coder. 

If Docker can create some kind of workflow in generic fields, i.e. things that we can integrate with other out of the box tools, that would be great. OpenShift is an alternative to Kubernetes

I find Docker easier to use, but I gave it to an inexperienced developer and it took him a lot of time to understand.

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CEO and owner at m3production

Dynamic port association on active containers.

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Adrien Gibrat
Senior Front-End Developer at Oodrive

Sometimes it is difficult to access the quality of information on Docker. I also feel that it is not a 100% secure product and I'd say there is room for improvement in the security area and functionality. I would also like to see more features inside Docker as well as more integration with different solutions.

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DevOps Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Integration with Windows is something that can be improved.

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Director of Technology at WinSoft IT, C.A.

This product will only be useful if it can successfully run legacy applications in the cloud.

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Renato Ribeiro
Senior IT Consultant at .

The orchestration and tracing should be improved.

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