Pure FlashArray//X NVMe Valuable Features

Sean Donaldson
CTO at Secure-24
Based on the various types of workloads and environments we run, we have looked at Pure Storage as being one of the largest infrastructure-based changes we have seen in our environment in the last 10 years of infrastructure hosting. What has changed is you now have databases and applications where you can make an infrastructure change and it directly impacts the end user experience. You generally don't see that with other infrastructure changes. If I change from storage A to storage B, maybe there is a small or minor performance increase. With Pure Storage, there was a dramatic performance increase which we saw across various different applications. Going from a legacy vendor to Pure Storage, we saw reductions in MRP reports previously running at six hours going to 30 minutes. View full review »
Ray Smith
Database Manager at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
* Simplicity * Performance * Visibility Those are the three most valuable features that I've observed. The visibility you have on what the frames are doing, even your phone is amazing, very detailed information about the environment in real-time. View full review »

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