Vembu BDR Suite Room for Improvement

John Demattia
Director of IT at MTSI, Inc.
In the beginning, when we had some hiccups, I would chalk that up more to a learning curve for the product. Once we understood how it operated - where we thought it was doing something a certain way and it was not - it was easy to understand, once it was pointed out. The times when we've had problems, they've not been repeated problems, they've been addressed, and it was more learning curve issues. With any software there is a learning curve. Not all backup software operates exactly the same way, so some things were a little bit different. But once we understood why and how they worked, it made sense. It was sometimes a different approach, but not a problem for us. View full review »
Dennis Skaltsis
WebFOCUS Senior Consultant
One issue that we are facing is that, during the evaluation period, we had some jobs that were replicating three virtual machines from one ESXi to another. Then, during the license purchase and activation, that Replication functionality was disabled because we are not licensed for it. As a result, we have one job left, the replication job that we were running, but since we don't have access to that area of the product we now, we are unable to delete that job. I need assistance on how to unlist that job. Otherwise, we have no issues. It's functioning as expected and we're getting the results that we were expecting from the product. View full review »
Erik Van Der Plaat
System / Network Administrator at Peelland ICT
It's hard to say what can be improved since we only use one specific feature of the backup software, and we haven't even looked at or used the other functionalities. We've only used the backup feature, and we're really pleased with it. One thing we have noticed is that we get various error messages in the Vembu console, but sometimes we, as the user, cannot remove those error messages. I have to chat with support and they have to log in to remove them. It's a very tiny thing, but it would be nice if the user could also remove them. View full review »
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Ashoka Reddy
CEO at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
It is very easy, unless you know exactly what you're doing, to corrupt the virtual machines and they get locked up. Just brief detail: When you are creating a system, if you don't have absolutely every other little background processes in place, it creates Snapshots of the virtual machines. Once it does that, it then won't be able to have a backup. From that point on you have to destroy the virtual machine, which is completely counterproductive on a large system. There is a fundamental flaw in the setup that can be very dangerous, potentially. So that needs to be avoided; whoever writes the software for doing that needs to make sure that that cannot happen. I have fed that back to the developers. I don't know whether they're going to make that change, but they can't put that responsibility onto customers. It's their software that needs to be able to not allow that to happen. I've not had any response to say, "Yes, we'll do it." So that's a little bit of a fault as well. When we do give feedback we don't get any commitment. Like this survey, we're being asked the questions, but when we give feedback, we don't actually get any response at all. View full review »
Blake Krzic
Application Support Specialist at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees
The only place where I would really want to see improvement, out the gate, is more granular scheduling. With the previous solution that we were using, you could pick different times based on different days. Right now, with Vembu, I just have every X number of hours on these days, but if I want to do an offset or to only do two backups on Friday and Saturday - versus whole hourly incrementals during the week - I don't have that granularity. That would be something that I would be looking for. View full review »
Senior Architect at ePlus Technology
Vembu software runs on a Windows Server. The Windows Server has to be connected to the internet so it can connect with Vembu’s servers. It has to connect with Vembu. For some reason, if it doesn't connect, it stops working, and I don't know why on earth they do that. They require it to connect to the internet and connect with Vembu for it to continue to function. If the internet is down or if the server can't reach the internet, it stops working after a few days. That's not great because there are some people who want to do backups but they don't want to have their server accessible on the internet. I think that's a horrible design, but it's purposely built in that way. It's something that they put in the product, and I don't know why they did that. To me, that’s a terrible design. If you bought a new car in the year 2525, a Ford, and your car had to have a connection to the Ford dealership or the Ford company and the connection stopped, and then your Ford car was going to stop working in three days, what would you think about that? But that's the way this software works. They did it, and it’s a horrible design. That's what I don't like about it. View full review »
Gabor Virag
Systems Engineer at GVir Informationsmanagement
We have not been able to move our backups from one drive to another one. We can only create a storage pool. However, if we want to change a drive, it is not possible to delete one drive as long there is data on it. For this, we have to call the support. While they can solve this, it is not out-of-the-box. If there is a failure, the logging for the backups could be better. Sometimes, I miss some features from the old solution. View full review »
Tim Kemp
IT Director at Premier Technical Services Group PLC
The deduplication could be better. It doesn't give the level of deduplication that I would get with a product that's stored in a more standard file format. I would prefer to be able to use a non-deduplicated store on a third-party deduplicated medium. But as far as the compression and the general structure go, I have no problems with them at all. Having some flexibility for the backup to be stored in a non-deduplicated fashion so that we could store it on more high-efficiency storage would be helpful; either that or improvement to the data deduplication. The amount of storage it requires for the backup store is excessive, compared to other solutions. View full review »
Matthew Pechia
Managing Member at Offsite Data Protection Services
The reporting can use some improvement. I still use the old StoreGrid Cloud while I'm migrating the rest of my clients over. I am able to export all of my clients' usage for the month, which I then import into my billing program. It helps me speed up the billing process. Also, I can generate a report that gives me statuses of everyone's backup, which I don't get from Vembu Backup Online either. I would like to have something similar where I can export everyone's usage at any time for all their backups, so I can use that to import them to my billing program. I would also like to be able to have a report where I can check the status of everyone's backup. Right now, I have it programmed to where I get an email for every backup sent to me. Then, I read those emails and chart them on an Excel spreadsheet separately: success, failure, etc. I keep a weekly log of that. If I had a report, it would make this process a lot easier. I used to be able to manage the amount of space allocated to each client. Right now, I can't. I have to send in a request if I want to add space to this one or create space for another. View full review »
Owner at a engineering company with 11-50 employees
We sent a letter complaining about how the lack of customer service has caused us problems. We're actually dumping Vembu and we're going with Veeam, and we're asking for our money back. The thing that needs to be improved most is their customer support. The product itself is fine, but the customer support is basically nonexistent. Instead of helping us meet new challenges it has actually caused us problems. We wanted a backup solution so that we could quickly back up and recover all of our customer virtual machines. In case something happened to the hardware, we could quickly recover it on different hardware. We looked at different solutions such as Veeam and Vembu. Vembu was recommended to us and we found it to be cheaper than Veeam but, unfortunately, because they're based in India, not in North America, the customer service doesn't even provide phone support. We had a lot of problems getting it configured in the first place. They also wanted us to allow them remote access to our machines without us watching what they're doing, which is a huge security risk for us. We said we couldn't do that, and they said they don't offer any phone support whatsoever. The product itself actually works mostly well. One of the features of the product is Application-Aware and that does not work properly. When we tested it with the Veeam product, it did work properly. We tried to get it to work, to get support to help get it working. It went back and forth for about two weeks through email, trying to get help to get this feature working, and it just did not work. View full review »
Hasni Guetaff
Director of Technology at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees
Vembu is presented more like a multi-platform tool, where you have paper features, VMware, and Hyper-V. I would like to have a different set of products instead of having a single software which does everything. This could be beneficial. Nowadays, I don't know of a lot of people who are using tapes anymore. If you are using tapes, you don't do backup to the cloud, for instance. Therefore, maybe have a legacy version, then a cloud plus application version. It is not a well-known software. People do not know about Vembu. This is not a high-end product. View full review »
Rajkumar Neelakantan
IT Director at a marketing services firm with 201-500 employees
I do have one suggestion for them. The process is a bit cumbersome when you remove an agent, delete that job, and add the agent to the same server. Even though the agent is already installed in that server, the system does not recognize it. We have to uninstall the current agent, restart the server, install the push agent - a new agent - and then restart the server. I think they should try to avoid that. Symantec doesn’t work that way. You push the agent once, the agent stays in the server for good. View full review »
Dan Bradshaw
IT at a religious institution with 11-50 employees
Live support would be helpful. I've communicated with them via email and through incidents. It might be better if you could have a chat or phone call because backups are important. You don't want to wait for an email. I know of other vendors that have a number you can call; they have people around the clock. It would be good to have a number you can call and your call is answered and taken care of, because backups normally occur at night, not during the day. I would also like to see more documentation or videos. They have some videos out there on how to do steps, or for training, or to help you know more about their product. Another leftover issue is that when you get notifications via email on an iPhone, there is only a certain amount of space to view it without having to open the email itself. I have four backup jobs. Their subject line shows "Vembu backup software..." and at the very end they put the server name and whether it succeeded or failed. I asked them if they could put the server name, and whether it succeeded or failed, first. That way, when I look through my emails it tells me whether it's succeeded or failed, and which server. Currently what I have to do is open up each email, and then scroll through to the very end, because it's a very long subject line. They say it's not customizable, and that they are going to look at improving on that in the future. View full review »
IT Director with 11-50 employees
If the English accent of the support agents was a little better, so that we, as the users, could understand it better, that would be nice. It's very hard to understand the support people when we talk to them because of the accent. View full review »
Richard Goward
IT Administrator at a health, wellness and fitness company with 11-50 employees
I am still testing restores and it seems some problems may be related to our hardware. Because we have not implemented the correct hardware yet I cannot be sure where the problem is. View full review »
Madhu K Menon
Consultant at Kwan Environmental Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
We are still exploring its features, but we want to see more features that we desire over time. View full review »
Technical Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
There's a feature that does syncing with AWS Cloud backup online. It's not that straightforward to get it set up. View full review »
CTO at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
I suggest that the dump of the database have the option to either be backed up to Vembu Cloud or be backed up to all backup sites and not only to default storage. If the backup server crashes I create another backup server and use the backups and the database dumps. I have to use the default path of the backups. It would be a great option if I could just import the backup files. View full review »
Richard Voorheis
Software Test Engineer at a tech vendor with 5,001-10,000 employees
I have not been impressed by the data compression of the backup images. They seem to take up nearly as much space on the backup drive as they do on the server. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Vembu Technologies, Veeam Software, Acronis and others in Cloud Backup. Updated: December 2019.
389,978 professionals have used our research since 2012.