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I think when evaluating Mobile Development Platforms, the most important thing to think is the technology which we are going to use for the development. After finalizing the requirements we must create prototype or we can say kind of little demo and could be mock ups. It is…
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Being a Software Developer using Cross Platform Technology Xamarin is the coolest change that ever happened in my career. Specially working with InterSoft Data Labs/ Vserv Business Solutions at Gurgaon made a huge impact on my career.
Right now working on below project:
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Pure Sale.


Pure Sale is packed with features to help you manage your business more effectively and streamline the party experience for you and your guests.

About Xamarin :
When considering how to build iOS and Android applications, many people think that the native languages, Objective-C, Swift, and Java, are the only choice. However, over the past few years, an entire new ecosystem of platforms for building mobile applications has emerged.

Xamarin is unique in this space by offering a single language – C#, class library, and runtime that works across all three mobile platforms of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone (Windows Phone’s native language is already C#), while still compiling native (non-interpreted) applications that are performant enough even for demanding games.

Each of these platforms has a different feature set and each varies in its ability to write native applications – that is, applications that compile down to native code and that interop fluently with the underlying Java subsystem. For example, some platforms only allow apps to be built in HTML and JavaScript, whereas some are very low-level and only allow C/C++ code. Some platforms don’t even utilize the native control toolkit.

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