Cameron Mottus

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Principal Consultant - Security
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51-200 Employees
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10+ years
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My passion is helping my customers with their cool projects. I have been working in IT for a decade, developing myself from computer technician to IT professional. In that that time I have worked many security technologies. Far from being a security jack of all trades, I have pursued a path which has allowed me to become the principal security consultant at Insentra.

I like the fact that I am as comfortable working in the office with my team mates as I am working at home or onsite with my customers. I have worked from home for the the past five years as a "branch" of Insentra, firstly in Melbourne and now Auckland. I am happy to manage my projects by myself and my employer is happy that I complete my projects on time and on budget.

I have a profound interest in morality, ethics and justice. I spend the balance of my time with my family who I love dearly.