Claudio Rosa

Job function
System Engineer
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Mining And Metals Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Apr 2017, Claudio Rosa's postings have been viewed 187 times on IT Central Station.

Over 30 years in the area of ​​infrastructure, designed, installed and managed LPWAN, local networks, metropolitan, long distance, data centers Multi-services and Internet portals. I worked in management of public and private companies and various industries like Mining, Ministry, Bank, Storage Logistics and Cargo Transportation, ISP and Telecommunications.

Designed infrastruture, set "basic lines" for operating and monitoring Internet DataCenter Globo Organizations. This DataCenter has a Multimedia structure (voice, image, video and data) with fault tolerance and load balancing in E-Mail services, Data Storage, WebHost, Streaming Audio and Video, Private Network (VPN) and Intrusion Detection systems, which operate according to projects realized.

In Californa, San Jose (Silicon Valley), performed by the manufacturer NetworkAppliance a correction project Operating System of NetworkCaches to launch the Internet site of Xuxa.

I have great capacity for analysis and planning for management teams on projects or problems to provide excellent results in short, medium and long term for companies.

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