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About 5 years ago
Sounds about right. HP seems to have found a good developer for their switches in the 3Com division H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. Based in HangZhou, China. Haven't heard of any huge issues with their switches but as has long been the case, HP seems to fall down flat on their…
Over 5 years ago
In my opinion, support from HP has always been an issue on some level.
Over 5 years ago
I don't see why not as you are only adding a link back to the original article in the tree and not adding the article twice.
Almost 6 years ago
Pro's and Con's - Cisco vs. Juniper Still reads like an ad for Cisco. This is not an item by item comparison of Cisco vs Juniper so does not seem like a real world comparison that gives more specific and extensive information. They both do have pluses and minus and true…
Almost 6 years ago
I've found that Juniper networks equipment is more scalable and less proprietary. Cisco isn't a bad solution but more expensive initially and for replacement components. Juniper is solid and reliable and some say better than Cisco because open source software can be…
Almost 6 years ago
Several things come to mind but a few things stand out. 1. The term "future ready" comes to mind. I've seen businesses put significant money into WiFi only to find some aspects of their networks are either not compatible with new Wireless IP standards or their…