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Hi, very nice summary. I my experience I saw that also the organisation of the company, co-located and self-organized teams, or waterfall external supplier and architectural design of the enterprise environment have huge impact on decision if you go for decentralised or…

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The life is short, and we need more of it. We should not go in cycles, but look forward and reach more. Automation is the way to move out of the cycle in Business and to gain time for creativity and new goals. Most important is the fact that automation may sound bad, if we speak about automating work of someone. Great companies take care of good people. My motto is that there is always something better to do. And people who see a need to change around them self, lead to improvement and at the end bring the value to the company and society. New technologies bring new possibilities for automation, especially if the technologies are chosen carefully and strategically. It is important to recognize and follow such tools and technologies. Some of them may be good in some setups, but the same one can be killer in another organizational setup. Openness of the system is crucial to fast adoption to new technology and continuous improvement. No matter if open source or commercial products they must be highly plug-able and (ex)changeable, any time. So as the people my be open for change, adoptive and ready to change any time.