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Over 5 years ago
Contributed a review of Jira: Review about JIRA
Almost 6 years ago
There are plenty of vertical ERP options in this regard and instead of SAP I would recommend you buy a fully integrated well quality assured Vertical ERP solution. Let me know what do you produce at your production facility and I can help you identify an appropriate…
Almost 6 years ago
Before I can answer this question, can you please let me know what exactly is your vertical. I can point out some of the vertical ERP solutions if I have some specific requirements.
About 6 years ago
I totally agree with your opinion about this tool especially this remark "While it isn't without faults, Selenium is probably the best and most versatile web testing tool available. I highly recommend it's use over any of the products I have used in the past."
About 6 years ago
Actually there is no substantial Language support in TestComplete to any language if we speak in technical terms, only genuine language that is supported is JScript and that too not to a very advanced extent. Python is far cry for TestComplete and I do not see it being…

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