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I would like to see improved language support, but it allows me to input parameters without having to write a quick VB script around it to try it.

Valuable Features

The test tree makes for quick work of choosing which tests you want to run at any time. Whether it's all or nothing, I can re-run parts of a test suite without having to start over again.

The Object Spy has surpassed any other "spy" tools I have ever used. It allows me to input parameters without having to write a quick Visual Basic script around it to try it. Diving deep into object trees can be made a breeze with the search function.

Room for Improvement

I would like to see improved language support, with Python being my

first choice. Visual Basic is outdated, where C# has been its

replacement for years.

Use of Solution

This solution has been in use for almost three years, since I started working at this company. It has been mostly stable with static test cases, and only minor maintenance. The updates typically are changing search criteria. We upgraded from v9 about one year ago.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support has been good. There was an issue where certain installations of TestComplete would give an ambiguous error on startup. After teleconferencing with one of their support specialists, we were able to solve it. Forum support on their community site has also been good.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution I know of was implemented prior to my employment here. Attempting to implement the same solution in UFT would have been nearly impossible.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was straightforward. Licensing was simple, and getting the initial object mapping was painless. Only a high-level base set of object mapping was done.

Implementation Team

The implementation was done entirely in-house. The projects were made from scratch, where function libraries & test suites were made from existing manual test cases.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Actually there is no substantial Language support in TestComplete to any language if we speak in technical terms, only genuine language that is supported is JScript and that too not to a very advanced extent. Python is far cry for TestComplete and I do not see it being supported anytime soon, I have seen the latest version TestComplete and it appears they are not doing any improvements that actually matter.


24 August 15
QA Automation Engineer with 501-1,000 employeesReal User

TestComplete released Python support with Version 11 earlier this month. They also did a complete revamp of the Version Control functionality. I'm not sure how good the new functionality is, but SmartBear is making an effort to update the product in meaningful ways.

25 August 15
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