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Over 2 years ago
The key for me is understanding more about your "ETL Capabilities" requirements. Many BI tools have some degree of data cleansing/mashup capabilities but they are limited. Assuming you have "lite" ETL needs, I'd recommend MicroStrategy or the mix of Microsoft PowerBI +…
About 6 years ago
Hi All, I’ve not had any experience with using Oracle BI Mobile. Sorry. Thanks, Steve Cornett Principal Solution Architect Premier, Inc. 13034 Ballantyne Corporate Place Charlotte, NC 28277 704-816-5961 w / 704-936-8876 c…
About 6 years ago
Hi Russ, I can’t be on-the-record per company policy. Sorry! Thanks, Steve
Over 5 years ago
I have never worked with nor seen Pentaho, but Jaspersoft is for embedding analytics/reports within applications predominantly in a Java application framework. I don't believe it has any "clean the data first" capabilities, which is more of a data quality/ETL requirement. …
Almost 7 years ago
Sure … If the customer needs scale in terms of both numbers of users (with high concurrency) and volume of data - I’d suggest MicroStrategy as it has in my opinion the best ability to handle both scaling challenges of all enterprise BI platforms out there today. The…