Which solution do you recommend for embedding reporting? Why?


We're looking for recommendations for embedding reporting for MySQL. We are looking for a solution to embed reports in our web app.

  • Our database will be deployed on the cloud in a Linux environment and the reports need to be triggered on demand.
  • We have been looking into BI solutions, although our use case is not BI.
  • We want to easily create reports that can show both data and charts and include ability to scale.
  • Ability to do calculations between the database and the report is a plus.

Which solution(s) do you recommend? Why?

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I would recommend looking into using Jaspersoft for embedding reports into your applications. It works with MySQL in the cloud and allows users to interact with the data. But you should not take my word for it. Go to http://www.jaspersoft.com/embedded where you can see a demo of the product and a listing of all the features that I think would pertain to your situation. From this page, you can also download the software, see code samples and also view tutorials on developing an application with embedded reports.

Hope this helps!

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I think the open source version of eclipse BIRT will be a good option. It
is very flexible, customizable, great community support, totally free and
above all can be easily integrated into web pages using JavaScript.


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Open Source BI Tools like Japsersoft would be suitable to meet your requirement,
Pentaho,BIRT can be other options

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John BeckerConsultantPOPULAR


Not really in my wheel house.

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Given your presumable Linux expertise, I think you ought to take a look at these:

1. JasperReports (both commercial and free)
2. BIRT (https://www.eclipse.org/birt/phoenix/)

Many other options are available but it's hard to recommend without more context.

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I strongly believe that Belladati can solve the issue and meet your requirements. It is Agile BI tool which allows you quickly create reports. Their expertise are in Embedded analytics and also allows easy access to the system REST API. Please take a look to the sample provided: http://www.belladati.com/company/blog/2014/02/25/hr-performance-evaluation-with-embedded-belladati.

Tableau or Crystal Reports support that too. Its more complicated with these solution. You can go on tableau link: http://alphasoftware.net/palace-entertainment-turns-to-alpha-to-help-in-the-smooth-running-of-their-37-theme-and-water-parks-in-the-usa/how-to-embed-and-integrate-tableau-analytics-in-alpha/

Disclosure: I work for BellaDati

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Noorali somani li?1414331658

SSRS may actually work pretty nice. It embeds nicely with Asp.net and it has all objects you need for reporting.

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I recommend you do a little research on BI Open Source solutions. In your case I guess that Spago BI can fulfill your needs. For each new report you can create a query or a special kind of simple fact table with dates including all data that you would need in the future for the same kind of reports. Afterwards you will have time to upgrade to a real DW/BI structure.

Spago BI is an Italian tool that built a set of different Open Source DW and analysis tools making them work together, so you can select the stage process that you need now only -> Reporting.



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Steve CornettReal User

Sure …

If the customer needs scale in terms of both numbers of users (with high concurrency) and volume of data - I’d suggest MicroStrategy as it has in my opinion the best ability to handle both scaling challenges of all enterprise BI platforms out there today. The powerful analytics and multi-pass SQL capabilities of it’s ROLAP engine means no calculation/aggregation/derivation would be too complex to handle and MicroStrategy handles this complexity internally and doesn’t force pre-calc’ed or pre-aggregated or pre-designed constructs to effect it. They also have arguably the best mobile BI capabilities as well for iOS and Android.

For reports containing graphs and grids – you can decide if you want it pixel-perfect without user interactivity (i.e. drilling, sorting, etc.) and create a MicroStrategy Report Services document. For interactive reports/dashboards, you would render MicroStrategy Web reports. To embed, you can skin/style the MicroStrategy interface with the corporate UI standards or use the MicroStrategy SDK for deeper integration/interaction with an existing front end Web application/framework.

Hope that helps,
Steve Cornett

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David Fombella PombalConsultantTOP 5

I strongly recommend Pentaho Reporting capabilities, very useful for embedding reports into other applications. Runs under JVM and with an Open source edition without license fee. Pentaho Reporting includes a strong core of formulas including Open Formula standards, possibility of adding script codes, multiple data source connection via JDBC drivers (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Vertica, Big Data platforms...) and without proprietary costs.

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I suggest using the following tools
1. SAP Crystal Report should be pretty easy to implement also same as
2. Microsoft Reporting Service since you can deploy it to the web site.

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Arsenio MonjaneConsultant

I suggest you to use a report Server such as MICROSOFT (SSIRS), Jasper
Report Server or any other related Technology.
You'll have to first create a connection to your MySQL db and design those
So the user will log in into this server and call reports they have access to.

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We recently implemented an embedded BI solution in our collaboration software using LogiAnalytics Info and were very happy with the results. The solution provides users the ability to create customized dashboards and the underlying data source is a web service using JSON. The Architect wrote a couple of plug-ins to support our token based security and re-pivot of the data, they took about a week to complete. Also, we used CSS to re-skin brand LogiAnalytics as part of the application. LogiAnalytics licensing model is flexible and we choose server based licensing since we have a large user base with unpredictable usage patterns. Our solution includes various data visualizations and grids tied to our underlying search API. LogiAnalytics doesn’t provide pixel perfect reports but can handle most other duties.

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