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Guillermo (Bill) Cabiro
Director of Development at Strat-Wise Consulting
Oct 23 2018

What do you think of QlikView?

I use both Tableau and QlikView. Although very different, I really like both solutions. They belong to the new BI generation known as Interactive Visual Analytics. In my opinion, QlikView has a more intuitive interface for regular users or executives that are not technical experts but the development side is a little more complex. Up to version 12 QlikView did not provide drag & drop features. If a user wanted to see something not included in the application the new object had to be created by a power user or developer because Qlikview's scripting has somewhat of a learning curve. On the positive side, QlikView's scripting is a great asset as it functions as an ETL allowing the integration of hundreds of different data sources into the same visual app. Another feature that’s…

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Anonymous User
Analyst with 501-1,000 employees
Good morning,My name is Robert Berkman, and I am co-editor of The Information Advisor's Guide to Internet Research, a monthly international journal for business researchers such as corporate librarians and market researchers. We provide sources and strategies for conducting effective business… more»
it_user148668I work in the area of data analytics and data management from a solutions… more»

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Director of Development
Business Intelligence: Raw Data or Strategic Analytics' There is a big difference between corporate information and Strategic Knowledge. Corporate Information usually consists of internal raw data while Strategic Knowledge is the business wisdom necessary to achieve profitable growth… more>>
Manager, BI Strategy and Architecture
It's all about the data. The model is already there, in the real world as well as the data mart or in the business rules that define it. I know how best to use it, access it, change it, and make it reveal its secrets. Architecture is the culmination of science, logic, and art. Data governance… more>>
Senior BI Systems Analyst
Working in Business Intelligence for 12+ years Skilled in: - BI solution consultant - Data Visualization - Data warehousing - Business Intelligence - Business analysis - Team management - Technical Architecture for BI solutions Current position: Senior BI Systems Analyst
Pre-Sales Technical Consultant
With over two years of rich experience in business development, designing and developing of Business Intelligence applications, Balance Scorecard Sheets along with good exposure to industry specific Key Performance Metrics in Financial, Insurance, Investment, and E-Commerce Sectors. I seek to find… more>>
Lead QlikView Architect/Manager
Certified QlikView 11.2 Developer/Designer and Server administrator. Certified QlikSense Data Architect and Business Analyst. Vast experience working as a QlikView Developer/Consultant, along with experience on multiple verticals such as Healthcare (Life Sciences), Capitol, Testing and QA,… more>>

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