Jeremy Ideus

Job function
Health Systems QA Automation Engineer (SDET)
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Healthcare Company
Years of experience
10+ years
Since Oct 2017, Jeremy Ideus' postings have been viewed 40 times on IT Central Station.

Enjoys finding unknown solutions that push the limits of what's possible.

Below is a condensed list of my core competencies:

• End-to-end regression testing using Java/JavaScript, Sauce Labs, Protractor, Angular, Selenium, SQL, JSON

• Writing and designing software that tests complex custom enterprise web application software in an automated fashion

• Continuous Automated Testing for custom enterprise software development

• Construct frameworks to perform end-to-end testing in multi-component environments

• Pairing with application engineers to design + develop a reusable test automation architecture

• Find and eliminate bugs before they show up in production application code

• Produce useful artifacts like "validation suites" or Web Driver automation test collections

• Web Browser Automation with Selenium WebDriver API (Chrome-IE-Firefox) using Java + JavaScript

• Automated functional testing in parallel with Sauce Labs

• Automated delivery or deployment with Sauce Labs, Atlassian JIRA/ZEPHYR/Bamboo and Unix/Linux

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Work as the Automation Test Lead for 3

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