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About 1 month ago
Hi Stephen First of all maybe you should ask your self the question how much money we can loose if we get a fire in my site? is it a Main Site or a secondary one (IDF or MDF )? Does it really matter if you loose production time (kind the "is any one could die" ?) I…
3 months ago
Why those brands? Can you take an other brands as opinions? You should try Unifi, Qnap, or even Cisco 1000 series. All of those are pretty similar on quality, functions and bargains for what you are paying. So far I know Netgear but not Luxul. So as always, I say check…
5 months ago
"LibreNMS" is free and it's great!! Check it out.
10 months ago
These days you should use it no matter if you are a home user, it is about security, and it will be easier each time to have leaked on your personal or professional info, a serious IT guy always should say you should use it.
About 1 year ago
1-10 employees., it's not that big, you should try the Unifi Platform from the Ubiquiti brand, it is a bargain for the price and resource you can manage, and the better for you is you don't have to pay licencing, you only pay the hardware an the IT for implement the…
Over 2 years ago
Ok there are a few big questions 1) QoS management 2) How its managed the different lists, black and white 3) How is the ISP control, with only one and more than one 4) How is it work with apps control? 5) How much info you can get for…
Almost 3 years ago
100 % Sophos Like I always said, you should take care of how many devices you need to connect, and then compare! After that, I know Sophos is a better solution they do almost the same in the 99 % of the cases but Sophos is a cheaper solution per device plugged into the…
Over 3 years ago
I can´t help with this “FORESCOUT CT10K APPLIANCE” , but I can recommend for sure Sophos UTM 9.5, it is a Complete solution for UTM need, and have not a ridiculous price !! About 15.00 american Dlls per each user in a enviroment of 500 users I been using it a lot in a ISO…