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Over 3 years ago
Answered a question: Is Cohesity Better Than Rubrik?
If you do a head to head challenge with the two products capabilities, Rubrik will win out every time. Cohesity's UI is a little clunky and childish and Rurik's is simple, elegant and intuitive. Rubrik has amazingly simple scale-out and you will not beat the search…
Over 4 years ago
@Rwurtz - How did your testing go with SQL & Oracle? Has your company decided to move forward with Rubrik? Hope all is well.
Over 4 years ago
Great review! I am happy to update that Reporting has gotten better in their newer code releases (3.0 & 4.0). In regards to the security scans, we only found issue with standard ports and configuration on the IPMIs, which was easily fixable. Have you found other security…
Over 4 years ago
The Edge solution has been rolled out and very effective. This is a virtual appliance that will take local snapshots to whatever storage you are currently using, or decide to stand up, Then, you can decide if you want to replicate those snapshots to a hub that has a physical…
Over 4 years ago
We have not moved our SQL environments to Rubrik yet. So unfortunately my input on the subject is limited. I can tell you that we do anticipate, now that the physical SQL agent is available, to move all backup jobs of our SQL environments to Rubrik. Before the agent, we did…
Over 4 years ago
The issues described in the "Stability Issues" section regarding AD Objects, and not working properly with RBAC, have already been addressed.
Over 4 years ago
Speed and consistency is definitely top of my list. Something that is universal and doesnt require a user to install a bunch of applets or extensions to use it.

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