Job function
Principal Architect
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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22+ yrs. experience in IT (only Development projects), 16+ yrs in java, J2EE, SOA and Enterprise Integration development projects
Playing the roles of Senior Architect, Technical Manager, Team Lead and Developer for complex java J2EE based development projects, from 01 onwards (including 5+ yrs. at onsite Customer locations).
Successfully delivered with zero defects, by learning new technologies, and ramped up team from onsite location at project start-up. Skilled in java, JEE, JAX-WS Web Services, REST Services, Apache CXF, Apache Axis, Spring framework (Spring Data, Spring AOP, Spring WS, Spring Core), Apache Camel and EIPs, XML Modeling, Data modeling, ESB and BPEL Flows, TIBCO Inconcert java APIs for workflow, TIBCO RV, ADB Adapter etc.
Have basic experience in ML, IoT. For ex: completed Machine Learning certificate of 11 wks from Coursera run by Stanford University, completed certificate course on Data Science from MIT Prof Ed, ran code using Keras lib and Python, R, Octave Matlab etc. Done publications on internet portals / magazines.
Handled USD 1M+ projects with team size 40+ successfully, as overall Architect, and Manager, leading to continued engagement with the Customer and received appreciation from onsite Managers , Customer high level executives, ex: at GE Insurance, Kansas (now Swiss Re), Universal Studios, Los Angeles(now a Comcast Co.), GE Life, UK. Got team award in the category ‘Worked against odds, to delight Customer’ multiple times.
Experienced in Architecture definition, review and assessment of complex J2EE based systems, including web applications, workflow based systems, SOA systems.
Process-oriented, faced stringent Technology Audits, Process Audits, with success.
Done Training and mentoring, and received appreciation formally from Training Academy for creating course content, taking courses in areas like ‘Design of systems’, ‘Web Services in java’. Done recruitment at Architect level / Manager level.

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