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Systems and Security Administrator
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1,001-5,000 Employees
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10+ years
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34 years of I.T. experience.
Five years as a Data Processing Technician in the U.S. Navy. I met friends there and learned a great deal about people and teamwork. It was an experience that helped me to grow up! I returned to San Diego where I worked as a Programmer/Analyst for a now defunct Systems Explorations Inc. on site at Naval Oceans Systems Center for nearly seven years. I finally came back to Montana in 1991 but jobs were scarce. I worked as a roofer (despite my fear of heights) and took odd jobs for about six months to keep my family afloat. I then worked for Logistic Systems Inc. for about 9 months as a programmer and finally found work with Missoula County as a network/computer technician. I remained at the county after studying for my MCSE on Windows NT. In 1999, I was awarded the position of I.S. Director for Ravalli County. It was a challenging position but I managed to create a positive change for this organization. I returned to my education and worked hard to get my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. I intended to continue with a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Montana but the costs were prohibitive and the class schedule was difficult to maintain while working full time. I began working at Glendive Medical Center as the I.S. Director. This position proved to be challenging and rewarding. I revamped the I.T. department there and, though we still had hurdles, the changes made a dramatic positive impact on the organization. Goals: I thought I would be a programmer for the rest of my career but I found that mentoring and nurturing I.T. professionals came with a personal reward for me. I would like to continue doing so. I also want to make a difference and use my skills to manage and direct I.T. in the future. In 2012, my wife and I relocated to Columbia Falls Montana. I have since found employment at Flathead County working as a Systems and Security Administrator.