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I used to be against this but leaning the other way now since just about every site is encrypted.  I think some sites need to be avoided like banking, credit card processing, payroll, etc.  Management, and especially the Accounting Dept needs to be in the loop.
Almost 4 years ago
If you were going with Sophos SG I would go with Sophos. But from what I have seen so far I don't really care for XG. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Fortigate other than they are considered to be pretty reliable.
Over 4 years ago
We have been using Sonicwall for about 12 years but over the last couple of years have been moving to the Sophos SG Series. I know many people complain about Sonicwall reliability issues, but for us the UI just didn't keep up with the features they have added on over the…


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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
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