Sergio Yazyi

Job function
IT Strategy & Change Consultant
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Energy/Utilities Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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Over the last five years I've supported the adoption of agile principles at portfolio/program and projects level and the redesign and optimization of applications services, architecture, integration and sourcing of a highly dynamic set of initiatives within the IT solutions for energy companies in Spain/Italy first, and lately advising in Sweden and UK for similar activities. Being part of a high-performance team of excellent professionals and great people, with international exposure, allowed me to leverage and develop my experience in different fields, from pure technology to agile project and portfolio management.

I developed my career starting in finance/controlling area and evolving to the system integration for enterprise applications. This mixed background allowed me to facilitate communication, coordination, collaboration and alignment of different type of specialists contributing to their cross-functional development and holistic perspective of the value stream.

My academic interests have combined the experimentation with online learning platforms with the use of agile principles and practices to accelerate team learning curve. Lately my research on the field has been evolving toward the agile organization design and cultural transformation challenges, from Lean Startup/Design Thinking approaches in the development of business ideas to DevOps principles and techniques to enable continuous delivery and deployment pipelines for sustainable value generation within enterprises embracing the digital imperative.

I've enriched my studies with a master degree in ICT in Education where my research was focused on Scrum applied to distributed teamwork and project-based learning in online environments, trying to show ways to help people take advantage of new technologies to learn, grow, collaborate and release their potential and promoting agile principles education in spanish speaking countries through Scrum Manager initiative.

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