Deltek Questions

Hovik Hacobian
Director, Information Technology at VACCO Industries, Inc.
Sep 06 2021

Hello peers,

I work as the Director of IT at an Aerospace/Defense company.

Currently, I'm checking Deltek CostPoint 8 and SAP S/4HANA and I'm looking for their comparison.

Can anyone help? 


User at iParametrics
Jul 07 2021


I'm looking at the following products: Deltek CostPoint and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Can you suggest any side-by-side comparison or anything similar? 

This would be very helpful to me. Thanks.

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Shawn Parekh
User at spinta
Mar 25 2021

I have seen lots of companies using Deltek, however, I am wondering if companies are moving from Deltek to SAP as they grow.

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reviewer1413297Deltek is focused on Project Based Manufacturing and Projects organisations… more »