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As of February 2019, Aerohive Networks is ranked 3rd in Wireless LAN with 19 reviews vs Cisco Wireless which is ranked 2nd in Wireless LAN with 24 reviews. The top reviewer of Aerohive Networks writes "​HiveManager is useful for managing APs and switches from one cloud interface". The top reviewer of Cisco Wireless writes "Clean Air Solution can detect non-WiFi signals, change channel to avoid unwanted signals". Aerohive Networks is most compared with Ruckus Wireless, Aruba Wireless and Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN. Cisco Wireless is most compared with Aruba Wireless, Ruckus Wireless and Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN. See our Aerohive Networks vs. Cisco Wireless report.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Aerohive Networks vs. Cisco Wireless and other solutions. Updated: January 2019.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

HiveManager is incredibly useful for managing APs and switches from one cloud interface.HiveManager is extremely easy to use for anyone with little network experience.The cloud-based controller through HiveManager is its most valuable feature. I can manage and configure changes to my access points from anywhere.The cloud-based management interface allows us to fully manage all our wireless radios, ensuring consistency and ease of access.The cloud management gives us the tools and reports that we need to monitor and troubleshoot the network.a true controller-less approach, where each Access Point is 100% independent from the management system.Integrated Firewall in every AP (with DPI inspection) is a killer feature and it is included already in the price of licence (with others, this feature is an add-on licence).The feature that I like to most is unified management in a multitenant environment, where we can manage all our customers with thousands of devices (routers, switches, VPNs, and APs).

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Cisco Wireless is mostly stable with a low downrate and the signal rate is good. It is also easy to use.The most valuable feature for us is management of the systems. We can easily access all features.It helps with the visibility on our network.There are a lot of valuable features and functions. One example is CleanAir to detect and troubleshoot interference issues. Another is RX-SOP to optimize roaming.The Guest feature is pretty good.Cisco Wireless technology allows us to logically segregate networks, to segregate the traffic between multiple types of endpoint devices, connected to the network. For example, corporate laptops are connected to one network, corporate iPhones will go through a different network.With Cisco Wireless we have DNA technology for the frequency in which it operates, so that in case of any frequency interference it can look for and switch to another frequency, where there no interference.The main features are that it's secure and it's easy to distribute the SSID and control it. I also like the controller.

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Need port aggregation on the 2384 switches to take full advantage of ac on the APs. I understand that is on their product road map.Browser load time for the cloud is long and needs improvement.We have had some mediocre to poor experiences with tech support: Conflicting information, condescending attitudes, and reluctance to work to resolve an issue.From our perspective, we would love to see Aerohive provide faster feature enhancement in their Virtual Appliance to match the features with the cloud solution more quickly.The Virtual Appliance crashed once while doing an upgrade. The good thing here is, even if the management system fails, all our networks and features still remain 100% stable and working.Certain features only exist or work in certain versions.A mobile app would be awesome.Their firewall configuration gets funky and it can be difficult to understand.

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One of our customers complained about the ripple, that some of the data was incorrect. We opened a ticket and brought it to their attention that maybe some of the data was not correct. As of now, it has been two months since we opened the ticket and the issue still hasn't been resolved.Probably more in terms of how much power it's using. Right now it just seems like it doesn't have enough power. Maybe that is all indicated, but says exactly how much power it's using.The web interface for Cisco controllers could be better. It could be more user-friendly. Sometimes I have to remember how to access some functionalities or how to enable or execute some functions. If it were more user-friendly it would save time.Sometimes I've seen some issues come up with the interference. That's an issue users face at times. It becomes very complex when you have a lot of wireless interference in the area, or in your office. It's because of the environment of Cisco. Maybe, in the future, they can work on this area, and fix this issue.There is a problem with the controller. When we have to restart the controller, it does not show the time. We have to manually configure the time when we restart it. I have read about this issue, to get some information, and all answers are about having to connect it with a time server, which is very difficult.The GUI could be made more user-friendly. There should also be a dashboard where it can showcase how many end-users are connected to a particular access point.There is room for improvement regarding HA issues and Radius integration.The software quality could be improved, in particular for the new Cisco Aironet Series 2800/3800 Access Point which is pretty Linux-based.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
There are probably cheaper solutions but we invest for stability and performance for the longer haul.I would advise that you be sure to compare apples with apples. Many customers just look at the price per AP and licences, and compare that against other solutions. But, they do not look at the complete picture such as: TCO - how much the equipment will cost you over, say, seven years? Will the customer need to change complete infrastructure when they want to buy the newest hardware? Does support include a lifetime warranty and RMA?For example, if you compare Aruba vs Aerohive, you need to check which licences from Aruba you need to match the functionality of Aerohive (usually you need at least three types of licences and a controller with redundancy). The same goes with Cisco, where you need buy additional licences for central management, firewall, spectral analysis, WIPS, PPSK, etc. Aerohive has a very simple model - one licence for all the functionalities - and you can believe that there are many. One licence makes it easy to maintain, scale, renew and you can plan your costs 10 years in advance.Start small and grow big. You can choose the basic Aerohive Connect free subscription solution and, later, if needed (in terms of functionality) you can upgrade to Aerohive Select.Bring the cost down.Buy near the end of Q4 in order to get a deal.Although the pricing is a bit high, I consider Aerohive to be well worth the money.

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Cisco WiFi 1572 is very expensive locally and our budget for this year is used.This product's pricing is good. It's not too expensive.I feel the product's pricing is a good value.The pricing is okay. I believe it is competitively priced. But it is not just the price by itself, it's the price and the technical features. The features also play a big role. It has to give me the relevant output.They have simplified the licensing, now there is a single license that is required. Earlier, multiple licenses were required. Single licensing is good. As a customer, I don't need to keep an inventory of multiple licenses.Pricing is a bit on the high side compared to its competitors but we have to consider the support and usages of the solution. Licensing is now RTU and smart licensing. We need three types of licenses. One for each of the: APs, HA, controller.Never pay the full GPL price.The pricing is high. It could be cheaper.

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Aerohive delivers cloud networking that transforms the Connected Experience™, with a simple, secure, and scalable solution built on cloud networking, great Wi-Fi, and applications & insights, to deliver value beyond connectivity. At Aerohive, we believe that every access point is a starting point.


Business and IT applications - powered by big-data, APIs, and a partner ecosystem, delivering:

- Personalized Access – streamlined BYOD and guest management
- Vertical Applications – readily available apps and reference apps that enable customers to unlock new functionality, opportunities, and insights
- Development Ecosystem - empowers our partners to fully leverage the API platform and transform network data into value-added apps


Unified management and troubleshooting - public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises, delivering:

- Flexible Deployment – a choice of public/private cloud and on-premises solutions with simple and predictable licensing model
- Simplified Rollout – automated provisioning and guided policy configuration
- Visibility and Control – see how your network is actually being used and maintain order
- Smarter Troubleshooting – a suite of tools designed to make any admin an instant RF guru


Foundation for connectivity - distributed control architecture and a portfolio of access points, switches, and routers, delivering:

- Distributed Control - eliminates single points of failure with a self-organizing architecture
- Unified Access Layer – access points, switches, and branch routers sharing a single OS platform
- Future-proofed - a grow-as-you-go, mix-and-match architecture that protects your investment

With Cisco Wireless you will successfully plan, deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, and report on indoor and outdoor wireless networks - all from a centralized location.
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Our customers have already transformed their Connected Experienceby choosing solutions from Aerohive Networks, 75% choosing to repeat business with us. Visit to see some of our existing customers. Aerohive is a leading independent Wi-Fi vendor, recognized by analysts as a “Visionary.” We partnerwith Apple, Brocade, Dell, Juniper, Verizon, and 100sof leading global channel partners and service providers to serve customers across the globe in the enterprise, education, retail, financial services, and healthcare sectors.Aegean Motorway, Baylor Scott & White Health, Beachbody, Bellevue, Brunel University London, Bucks County Intermediate Unit , Chartwell School, Children's Hospital Colorado, Cisco Live Milan, City of Biel, City of Mississauga, Dundee Precious Metals, Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Erickson Living, Goldcorp, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS)
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K 12 Educational Company Or School24%
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Comms Service Provider18%
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Mining And Metals Company12%
Comms Service Provider25%
Manufacturing Company14%
K 12 Educational Company Or School12%
Financial Services Firm11%
Find out what your peers are saying about Aerohive Networks vs. Cisco Wireless and other solutions. Updated: January 2019.
316,473 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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