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AlgoSec is ranked 1st in Firewall Security Management with 77 reviews while Skybox Security Suite is ranked 4th in Firewall Security Management with 9 reviews. AlgoSec is rated 9.2, while Skybox Security Suite is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of AlgoSec writes "Reduces our workload and generates reports that facilitate auditing". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Skybox Security Suite writes "Prioritizes vulnerabilities and grants visibility into both traffic and rule sets ". AlgoSec is most compared with Tufin, FireMon and Skybox Security Suite, whereas Skybox Security Suite is most compared with AlgoSec, Tufin and FireMon. See our AlgoSec vs. Skybox Security Suite report.
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Find out what your peers are saying about AlgoSec vs. Skybox Security Suite and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

We now process FCRs much faster, which helps us to deliver faster and implement reworks at a quicker rate.This is something that increases business efficiency and helps avoid bottlenecks in our NOC team.We can easily and quickly identify all of the rules on the firewall and avoid the individual review and analysis of each rule.It has reduced our audit preparation efforts and costs drastically and maintains continuous compliance.The most valuable feature is the ability to deploy new rules in all of the firewalls included in the environment at one time.We have all of the information about the firewall devices that we have at risk, either because there is a firewall policy with some open protocol that can give us security problems later, or because long-unused rules present a security hole.Firewall Analyzer is valuable because it makes searching our existing policies so simple.The most valuable feature is the unused rule optimization, where it clears the policy when appropriate.

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The solution's simplicity of use is its most valuable feature.Change Manager is most important because of the impact on each other of a network change or a firewall change. We want to understand this and to know, beforehand, what the impact of a change will be. We are a large network so that is a very important tool.Correlates logs and threats and prioritizes; provides network maps;p provides change result context and resulting vulnerability.Security review is the most important feature, because it offers a single pane of glass to analyze multiple firewalls.This type of tool does a great job of reaching into those other devices producing risk recommendations, compliance recommendations, and a single plane of glass to do your queries, so you can find where these rules might exist.The most valuable feature is the compliance, whether it's access compliance or the configuration compliance, to make sure that all of our devices are configured as they're supposed to be, to limit access as much possible, to follow least-access guidelines.Skybox allows organizations to reprioritize the vulnerability they attempt to patch and mitigate, based on the contextual awareness of the network.instead of asking for firewall rules which may or may not be relevant, or could already be there, or could be over-permissioned, Skybox can be used to map out the resources that that application is going to use and provide the exact rules that an application would require to function correctly. If the traffic isn't able to flow for the application, if it's erring out, Skybox can be used to troubleshoot that and say, "All right, where is the traffic being stopped and why, and how do I fix that."

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Creating more intuitive menus could be helpful, especially for first-time users.To secure SaaS traffic there are a few vendors such as Palo Alto and Zscaler, but AlgoSec is not yet able to push rules onto these clouds.It would be easier if the network maps could be updated using the GUI portal instead of from the OS.The GUI has not been upgraded for a long time and could use updating.The UX control panel is in need of improvement.It would be very helpful to have a direct link to the relevant firewall policy embedded within reports when there are warnings or risks indicated.They can make some improvements to the user interface because it can be slow at times.The pricing for smaller installations should be lowered because sometimes there is just no ROI to add AlgoSec to the small branch offices with only 10 rules.

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The solution needs to add more automation and orchestration capabilities. Those features would make the solution much stronger.The vendor's support is terrible.Reporting. A lot of the reports, out of the box, are limited to a certain number of either configuration violations or access rule violations. So when you first set up a new firewall to be monitored by Skybox, you don't get a real full report. You have to really tweak it to get everything.I've had issues with licensing where, when they were expiring and I asked for the updated licenses, I would the wrong ones. I think their process needs to be straightened out a little bit - I don't know if they fixed it already, it has been awhile. It wasn't as straightforward as it could have been.The only place where Skybox has room for improvement, and they're working on releasing this, it's just a slow-go, is the UI. The user interface has historically been via a locally installed thick client. They are moving to a web-based console and it's slowly coming out.If anything could be improved it would be staying on top of the collector scripts, but I understand that's a very tough challenge.

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Pricing and Cost Advice
The price is within the standard of security products.Pricing is great if you have a small number of large firewalls, otherwise, it does not bring ROI.I propose to purchase licenses for all of the networking devices in the network, because if not all of the devices are integrated then the query of particular access cannot be discovered entirely.It seems we have recovered our money on this appliance, so it is money well spent.The pricing of AlgoSec is fair.The pricing for this solution seems to be reasonable for the functionality.AlgoSec is not much more expensive compared to other products available in the market.The price is high but the support is extremely poor, so keep that in mind before choosing this product.

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Pricing is on the higher side. In terms of licensing, you should buy the complete suite rather than buying only the Change Manager. I think Change Manager with Vulnerability Control is something that would be interesting to look at.The pricing has increased exorbitantly in the last few years, so now it is questionable. Now, it makes me want to review other products.With licensing, the number of network nodes becomes very expensive to the point where you have to rationalize if the tools are warranted anymore.Fully understand the total cost of ownership. They have gone to a new model where you have to replace the hardware every X amount of years at a very substantial cost and fully understand your intended number of nodes. To operate a firewall, you have to pay two licenses, a firewall node and a network node. If you are a reasonable-sized organization, this gets expensive very quickly.I've seen the pricing of every solution on the market. When you compare apples to apples, where Skybox becomes exceedingly expensive is if you look at it compared to something like FireMon that only does a fraction of what Skybox does. But if you include everything that Skybox does, it becomes way more expensive than the competition, but you're also not comparing apples to apples. If you look at FireMon, and you look at like just the firewall assurance piece, they are fairly comparable and, actually, Skybox comes in a little bit cheaper in some cases, depending on which product you're looking at.The product's pricing is excellent value. In terms of licensing, make sure you understand your network components, all your hops through your network, thoroughly, before you decide on the total cost. If you want to do point-to-point flow analysis and such, you need to have the configuration of all the devices in between point A and point B. A lot of people don't realize all their network components until they start using this product.The pricing is high, and the licensing model needs more flexibility.

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Skybox Security
AlgoSec simplifies, automates and orchestrates security policy management to enable enterprise organizations and service providers to manage security at the speed of business. Over 1,500 of the world’s leading organizations, including 20 of the Fortune 50, rely on AlgoSec to optimize their network security policy throughout its lifecycle, to accelerate application delivery while ensuring security and compliance. AlgoSec is committed to the success of each and every customer, and provides the industry’s only money-back guarantee.

The Skybox Security Suite platform combines firewall and network device data with vulnerability and threat intelligence, prioritizing security issues in the context of your unique environment. Powerful attack vector analytics reduce response times and risks, bringing firewall, vulnerability and threat management processes for complex networks under control.

Firewall Assurance brings all firewalls into one normalized view, continuously monitoring policy compliance, optimizing firewall rulesets and finding attack vectors that others miss. Skybox covers the most comprehensive list of firewall vendors, complex rulesets, even virtual and cloud-based firewalls. With proven scalability in 1,500+ firewall deployments, Firewall Assurance keeps rules optimized and ensures changes don’t introduce new risk. 

Gain total visibility of the vulnerabilities in your attack surface without waiting for a scan. Leverage Skybox Research Lab's vulnerability and threat intelligence, and automatically correlate it to your unique environment. With network modeling and advanced simulations, pinpoint exposed vulnerabilities and other attack vectors. And use context to prioritize vulnerabilities in terms of actual risk and respond to threats with accuracy and efficiency.

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Find out what your peers are saying about AlgoSec vs. Skybox Security Suite and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
396,515 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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