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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The solution offers multiple security features. There are machine learning features and great URL encryption. It also offers multi-protocol support against DDoS attacks.""You don't need help from Barracuda to help with the deployment. The deployment is easy.""We use Barracuda to protect the application. That's the main feature we use it for.""Even when we were upgrading to a new OS, we didn't have any difficulties with the product. The stability is good.""The installation is straightforward.""The initial setup is pretty straightforward, especially if you enlist assistance.""The most valuable features are the client VPN and content filtering.""Our customers value the solution's simplicity."

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"The feature that I have found the most valuable is that it works for my use case of application load balancing. I'm using it for PeerSense, and it's easy enough for PeerSense.""The most valuable thing for me is TCP/IP Layer 4 stuff you can do with HAProxy. You can go down to the protocol level and make decisions on something.""Load balancing is valuable, and we are also using the WAF feature."

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"Sometimes when we put it in action, we have some blogs that appear as false positives. I think that it's improving. Barracuda should minimize false positives.""I have found F5 more stable than Barracuda Web Application Firewall. They should improve the stability.""While the UI is good, it can get a little bit complicated.""The incident reporting needs to be improved.""They could improve their performance, support, and their upgrades. Their updates used to be good. Their improvements were right on the money but nowadays, the updates are minor.""As most people are aware, the implementation is not easy.""Its interface can be better. It is not very friendly.""We've had some blocks of the application and some false positives."

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"There is no standardized document available. So, any individual has to work from scratch to work it out. If some standard deployment details are available, it would be helpful for people while deploying it. There should be more documentation on the standard deployment.""Pricing, monitoring, and reports can be improved.""Sometimes it's challenging to get through the log, and you need a log to understand what is going on. It isn't easy to map the logging with the documentation, and every time I read the log, I have to pull out the documentation to understand what I'm reading."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"The price is reasonable, more so than other products.""While I would have to check on the price of the solution, I feel it to be okay and it matches the market price.""The price of the solution is a little expensive. There is a license for this solution and it can be purchased every one, two, or five years.""The price of this solution is okay."

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"HAProxy is free in the initial offer. However, pricing can be improved.""It is free of cost."

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Questions from the Community
Top Answer: We are using the Barracuda Web Application Firewall for website content and front-end web application protection.
Top Answer: Load balancing is valuable, and we are also using the WAF feature.
Top Answer: There is no standardized document available. So, any individual has to work from scratch to work it out. If some standard deployment details are available, it would be helpful for people while… more »
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Also Known As
HAProxy Community Edition, HAProxy Enterprise Edition, HAPEE
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Barracuda Web Application Firewall is the ideal solution for organizations looking to protect web applications from data breaches and defacement. With the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, administrators do not need to wait for clean code or even know how an application works to secure their applications. Organizations can ensure robust security with a Barracuda Web Application Firewall hardware or virtual appliance, deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

HAProxy is the most widely used software load balancer and application delivery controller in the world. The core HAProxy application delivery engine is an open source project chiefly maintained by HAProxy Technologies and assisted by a thriving open source community. HAProxy Community Edition is available for free at haproxy.org. HAProxy Enterprise Edition is packaged with additional enterprise class features, services and premium support from HAProxy Technologies.

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Oracle, CBS, Pioneer, Hyundai, Publix, Barnes Noble, Calzedonia, Nordstrom, Samsung, Nascar
Booking.com, GitHub, Reddit, StackOverflow, Tumblr, Vimeo, Yelp
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Maritime Company22%
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553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall is ranked 7th in Web Application Firewall (WAF) with 13 reviews while HAProxy is ranked 8th in Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) with 3 reviews. Barracuda Web Application Firewall is rated 7.8, while HAProxy is rated 7.4. The top reviewer of Barracuda Web Application Firewall writes "Reliable and stable with a straightforward setup". On the other hand, the top reviewer of HAProxy writes "You can go down to the protocol level and make decisions on something". Barracuda Web Application Firewall is most compared with Microsoft Azure Application Gateway, Fortinet FortiWeb, F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), AWS WAF and F5 Advanced WAF, whereas HAProxy is most compared with F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), Kemp LoadMaster, Microsoft Azure Application Gateway, NGINX Plus and Loadbalancer.org.

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