Fortinet FortiDB Scalability

Jason Wetzel
Manager-Information Services at a maritime company with 501-1,000 employees
With the smaller devices, you definitely have to do some planning, especially with throughput. If you have some of the high-fiber, say a 300 megabit fiber coming in, and you want to turn everything on, and you want to have a high encryption rate on the VPN, you're going to have some problems; if you're doing antivirus, web filtering, and you have high encryption on a VPN. They have some built-in chips that offload the VPN encryption work, but if you go above those chips' capabilities, then it starts to use CPU time and if you have a lot of data coming in that's getting scanned for viruses, or whatever else you're going to be scanning for, you start to notice the impact there and you'll lose throughput. With the lower-end devices you definitely notice that and you have to plan for it. Higher-end stuff has all that built in. View full review »
Network Security Consultant at a tech services company
It is scalable. I actually have deployed it in an industrial company that has about 80 databases. View full review »

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