Shopify Valuable Features

Badrilal Parmar
Shopify Developer at Freelance
Shopify is an easy-to-use, fast-loading e-commerce platform. It's also the most secure e-commerce platform. Even non-technical people can easily use it to set up a store. Most of my clients (regardless of skillset) do the initial setup themselves. They can add products, integrate payment methods, and configure their email notifications. When they require additional, higher-levels of customization, that's when they come to the freelancers and web developers. Shopify is very easy to use. As I mentioned earlier, Shopify can be used without any coding knowledge; just drag and drop and configuring, those are the basics. It's a great solution for people who are in the initial phase of their business. They can use it to easily set up a store that includes product info, product pricing, add to cart, payment methods, gateway integration, menus, contact us forms, and inquiry forms. Anyone can set those features up in one day using Shopify. That's a huge benefit for our customers. You don't have to pay for hosting. Shopify provides their own, very secure hosting and it's really fast. There are a number of great built-in features. In summary, Shopify offers ease-of-use, a secure and fast loading platform, and hosting — It's kind of a combo offer. Shopify also provides a free plan for one month (you can cancel anytime you wish) so you can try it out and decide whether it's the right solution for you. You can easily set up an online store within the trial month and decide if you can handle your project alone or if you will be needing the help of a web developer. Many of our customers use the trial version to gain some understanding of the solution then contact us to help them take their store to the next level. View full review »
Tushar Kyada
Co-founder at Dotmagic Infotech | Shopify Expert at Dotmagic Infotech
The most valuable features are the core structure and backend structure. Our clients are easily able to manage their sites at the backend. Shopify provides an easy to use service at the backend that includes product upload, customer service, team settings, and team customization. It is all very easy to handle. View full review »
Mae Ann Jalayajay
Web Developer at a computer retailer with 501-1,000 employees
This solution received the highest score for features and customer satisfaction. It has a brilliant inventory system to help you manage your store. The unique discount codes feature makes it better to personalize my marketing. Discount codes are very important to us. It helps a lot of e-commerce industries to create our own discount codes, so there is no need to use an app or pay to other apps for this feature. View full review »