Alper Sınav

Job function
Head of Information Systems Department
Years of experience
10+ years
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Since May 2015, Alper Sınav's postings have been viewed 49 times on IT Central Station.

Radar Systems: Designed and implemented , hardware - software
Plot Extraction and Tracking Systems : Designed implemented in a modernization project
Modeling and Simulation : Multiple different simulations realised for proof of concept
Data Fusion: Member of a large scale integrated maritime system project
Systems Design: Member and advisor of technical requirement analysis group for military and non military goverment organizations
Automatic İdentification Systems : Implemented naval ais system concept
Command and Control Systems: Member of a İMSS
Computer Graphics: Designed a humanoid for master thesis
Motion Capture: İntegrated sourceless sensors to 3d human model
Underwater Motion Analysis Been part of great research team
Applied Mathematics: Quaternions and computer based diff analysis
Decision Support Systems : Designed and implemented a DSS for C2I
Geospatial information Systems
Vessel traffic management
Computer Control Systems
Total Quality management
NATO maritime information systems: Member of MIS workgroup for NATO
Estimation and Modeling
Contract management
ISO certified 9000*
Spectrophotometry: Undergrad thesis: spectroscopy of ship paint over sun light: absorbance matters
Hydrophones,Torpedos,Radars,EW systems,
Underwater Rescue
Fire control
Remote sensing systems
Link 11, 11B, 16
Intelligent Transportation system
Business Intelligence
Super Cluster
Engineered Systems

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