Microsoft BI Review
It made data correlation between the agencies fast. Our expectation is to get real-time data collection systems in the maritime environment.

Valuable Features

  • It provides easy integration with Office tools.
  • It is easy to understand BI architecture.

Improvements to My Organization

Microsoft SQL Server BI made data correlation between the agencies so fast, that the simple POCs for the dashboards let the decision-makers to migrate our so-called enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture is the integration of ETL, CDC, DWH, reporting, and forecasting tools.

Room for Improvement

Our expectation is putting BI to work in real-time data collection systems in the maritime environment.

The Automatic Identification System is a great source of data regarding the ships from around the world. From kinematic to static including some commercial data, it streams to the maritime monitoring stations. So, collecting and processing of this data and also, creating useful information are the key factors for our government entity. However, this data is real-time data which means that the process should be done in seconds for thousands of ships. We are forcing the boundaries of the Microsoft BI product right now and wish to see some stream data processing methodologies in the future.

Use of Solution

I have used this product for a year and a half.

Stability Issues

The product was pretty stable but when it comes to collecting real-time data we encountered some data dropping issues.

Scalability Issues

Sometimes, the scalability becomes an issue; instead of horizontal scaling, we always need vertical scaling.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support in Turkey is very good.

Previous Solutions

We were using some open-source BI tools. It was very difficult to get support for open-source and that is why we switched to Microsoft.

Initial Setup

The setup was okay because Microsoft integrated BI to the SQL product. Instead of using a special product, you get the sense of using native add-on libraries for BI. It is a part of the database process. Training is the key here.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I don't want to speculate but there is room for at least 45% discount as compared to the initial price. So bargain wildly with Microsoft.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated other open-source alternatives.

Other Advice

You will need training personnel and powerful servers.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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