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2 days ago
My suggestion is for those who don´t require much coding such as Tableau, Power BI, Cliqsense or Domo. Most of those tools are hosted in the cloud with the exception of Tableau which you may also use on-premises.Power BI and Tableau are the 2 top-rated according to Gartner…
21 days ago
There are 2 types of data integration.  The one you need to use some sorte of ETL to load the adjusted data into another database and the one you use virtualization data tool to adjust the data but keep them in their original places.Costs are totally different and you need…
30 days ago
In theory, BAM is meant for transactional and operational management in a daily basis. Like instruments that collect temperature and pressure to adjust control valves. BAM manages processes within a smaller scope and usually analyses data from one business area And BI is…
Almost 4 years ago
Tks for sharing your experience in this analysis. By the way, small multiples are pretty easy to do in Tableau as well as sparklines as you can see and…

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22 years experience in large consultancies (17 of those years in management and senior management position) in more than 40 large clients from all market segments. My main expertise:

1) Oracle EBS projects and EBS rollouts to Brazil: Since 1997, when I joined Oracle, I have been managing national and global projects concerning Oracle EBS (implementations, upgrades and rollouts), provided health checks in strategic projects, lead assessments and sales and trainned several project managers in Oracle methodologies (AIM, EMM, PJM, ABF, OUM). I have recently developed a more concise and objective methodology for Oracle EBS called LEAN APPS METHOD (

2) PMOs implementations: I designed, implemented and structured PMOs in large, small and medium companies where I defined processes, templates, policies, tools, governance, KPIs, developed a maturity model customized for the clients and lead the organizational change management

3) Process Reengineering, Innovation and Quality Improvement: Using several methods, frameworks and techniques to mapp, evaluate and propose target solution in many areas with main focus in IT, supply chain, logistics, manufaturing and inventory management

4) BPO and service management: I lead a team of 70 more than analysts, 6 project managers and 2 senior managers in the global BPO contract of ABN Anro Bank (Banco Real in Brazil) using SLAs and OLAs under a CMMI and ITIL context