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Manager Data Services
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201-500 Employees
Logistics Company
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10+ years
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High energy software visionary and skilled corporate manager with deep experience in technical sales, product management, software development, product support and team building.

Adept at communicating a wide range of ideas, concepts, processes or requirements to audiences from C level management to any strata of business operations.

Comfortable acting as a change agent to revitalize products, teams or drive a new venture forward with a hands-on approach for outstanding business results.

• Product requirements development
• Team leadership and mentoring
• IT strategy
• AGILE methodologies
• Business development
• Sales and marketing
• Project management
• Organizational leadership
• Business Intelligence (BI) and Data analytics
• Educational technology
• Instructional design
• Technology integration
• E-learning & M-learning
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Competitive and marketplace analysis
• Strategic planning and implementation
• Technology trending research
• IoT in the Supply Chain vertical