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Imran_sh - there is no silver bullet and no magic, if you need sophisticated and scalable solutions MSTR is your ticket, with a tiny team. Agreed, if you needs are small and/or simple use one of open source tools, or Excel.
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SrBIGuy - I've been using MTSR since 2000 and your statement that "You must send everything to Access, ..." is quite inaccurate and misleading. I could also point out others things I disagree with in your statements, but this may not be the best forum for that. I can…


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Over 10 years of experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Hands on responsibility for full SDLC using Oracle, MicroStrategy, Informatica, SAP BW.

* 3 years designing and coding ETL processes using Perl. 1 yr experience with Informatica and DataStage.
* 2 years of SAP BW development including extractors, DSOs, Cubes and multiproviders developement.
* 3 years of PeopleSoft HCM, EPM, and Student Administration development.
* 7 years of MicroStrategy installation, administration, project design, creating reports, documents and dashboards, distribution services, migrations, upgrades, security, user training, and design of star and snow flake schema, URL API, Command Manager, Object Manager, and Enterprise Manager.

Bilingual - Spanish / English
Co-Founder of the Boston MicroStrategy Meetup User Group