Michael Newman

55 Points3 Years
Real User
Job function
Managing Partner
Company size
1-10 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

Who am I:
Technical executive who excels at leading high performing teams to define and execute a technical strategy.

What do I do:
I seek out solutions that drive a company's vision.

What am I passionate about:
Enhancing ones understanding of technology, and science by teaching and mentoring clients, colleagues, and friends.

What makes me different:
I care about the people we help day in and day out.

What other say:
I had the pleasure of working with Michael at Orange Business services. Mike is a great asset to any team, with the value he provides over engineering design and solution consulting methodology. Mike is very professional in his engagements and has great customer interaction skills. He was able to articulate complex technical concepts in a language that business customers can easily grasp and follow along, and obviously, this comes from his extensive experience in various engineering roles, both in pre-sales and consulting-Joe Abraham

I want to take this opportunity to recommend Michael Newman as not only a friend but a very respected co-worker. Michael has such a diverse knowledge base and understanding of the IT market, his support and insight have been very instrumental in gaining additional market share. Work ethic and attention to detail makes Michael a valued employee for any company- Dave Reppe

Ready to talk?
Email me at mike@omegapoint-it.com