Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

90 Points3 Years
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Job function
Head of Cyber Security
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Years of experience
5-10 years
Company name
KPMG Pakistan
Since Dec 2016,
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Expertise in developing Web Based Application, Database Applications and Desktop Applications

Working experience in distributed environment and distributed applications

Expertise in ISA Configuration, Network Security include:·
Penetration Testing·
Stress Testing·
Social Engineering.

Programming Languages:
Microsoft Visual C#. NET,
Turbo C++,
Asp. Net,

Networking Skills:
Active Directory, ISA Server 2000,2003, Exchange Server 2003, Simulation on (GNS 3, Packet Tracer 5.3, Boson Netsim)Inter V-LAN Routing,
Deployment of different Routing protocols and WAN Protocols in Professional Environment ·
Network Infrastructure.·
Network Deployment.·
Networks optimization.·
Network Security.

Specialized in Identifying and Implement controls for Data Leakage Prevention.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Controls to Ensure the Data Leakage Prevention