Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri

Job function
Senior Information Security Consultant
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Years of experience
5-10 years
Company name
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Most Recent Comments
Commented on F5 vs. Imperva WAF?

Expertise in developing Web Based Application, Database Applications and Desktop Applications

Working experience in distributed environment and distributed applications

Expertise in ISA Configuration, Network Security include:·
Penetration Testing·
Stress Testing·
Social Engineering.

Programming Languages:
Microsoft Visual C#. NET,
Turbo C++,
Asp. Net,

Networking Skills:
Active Directory, ISA Server 2000,2003, Exchange Server 2003, Simulation on (GNS 3, Packet Tracer 5.3, Boson Netsim)Inter V-LAN Routing,
Deployment of different Routing protocols and WAN Protocols in Professional Environment ·
Network Infrastructure.·
Network Deployment.·
Networks optimization.·
Network Security.

Specialized in Identifying and Implement controls for Data Leakage Prevention.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Controls to Ensure the Data Leakage Prevention

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