Cisco Secure Email Valuable Features

Phillip Collins
Sr Infrastructure Engineer at Delta Plastics of the South
Their trajectory feature is the most valuable. What I mean is that it has the ability to tell us, after an email has been delivered, where else it went, once it got inside. Maybe it's something we wanted it to stop and it didn't stop it, but it notified us later that it was something that it should have stopped. It can give us a trajectory of all the other places that it went internally and it can tell us what files were transferred as well. It does a great job of preventing spam, malware, and ransomware. I can only go by what people have told me and what I've seen, but I have not seen spam in a year and a half to two years in my own company mailbox. And there are not a lot of catches where it's catching something that should have gotten through, either. We have an email going out daily of everything it puts into quarantine for a user, so the user can release it if it was caught accidentally. In the last six months, I have probably have had to release six or seven emails. It's not catching them. It's doing a good job of striking a good balance. That is partly due to how you configure it, but we used the standard, best practices when we configured it. We do go back to Cisco, when they offer a free evaluation to review our configuration every nine to 12 months. That helps us make sure that it's set up right and, if there are any new features, that we're aware of them. We do take them up on that every time they offer it. View full review »
Andrew Fisher
Digital Program Manager at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
The bulk of the email stopped would be marketing. Spam-related email tends to be our biggest issue. The most dangerous contain malicious content, and those tend to be the worst. The biggest issues are the social engineering and phishing. A lot of the spammers are actually quite good at spear phishing attacks and social engineering our emails. We obviously do checks. We run some simulations for our staff, where we try and train them so they are aware of what not to click on. Also, we have installed Umbrella and had it for a long time as well. Therefore, if something was malicious, and one of our users had clicked on it, Umbrella would usually stop anything outgoing. The combination of the two solutions has really helped secure our organization. View full review »
Information Security Analyst at a healthcare company
One of the nicest things is that parts of it are highly intuitive. For instance, black-listing, white-listing, and things of that nature are very easy to do and they're very intuitive. You wouldn't even need any training to be able to perform those actions straight out-of-the-box. Even though it's not perfect, it has the IMS engine, Intelligent Multi-Scan engine, and it does a good job, right out-of-the-box, of blocking the vast majority of things that should be blocked. Again, it's not 100 percent, but out-of-the-box I didn't have to touch it, I didn't have to tune it, I didn't have to tweak it. I believe it leverages the threat-intelligence database and does what it needs to do in making sure that the bad stuff stays out and virtually all of the good stuff makes it through. View full review »
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Security Officer
Regional ICT Security Officer EMEA at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
Initially, the most valuable feature for us was the SenderBase Reputation, because that reduced the number of emails that were even considered by the system by a huge number, before we ended up processing them to get through the spam, the marketing, and the virus-attached emails. Since then, customized filtering has been very effective and useful for us. In addition, Cisco has developed the product with its Talos product. They've developed the Cisco Secure Email Gateway systems so that instead of just specifically stopping known spam sources and using that to stop virus-infected emails, the Talos solution which they're now providing has a lot of attraction because it helps to prevent phishing emails. Things such as Sender Domain Reputation, which is a relatively new feature, are attractive because when there's a pop-up domain, which might be a look-alike of your own company domain, or it might be a look-alike for some other company like Microsoft, it gets a bad reputation, and the Cisco Secure Email Gateway systems will reduce the possibility of these emails delivering to the recipient's desktop. View full review »
John Agunbiade
Network Security Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The most valuable feature was the anti-spam feature. You could set rules to block emails based on specific words like "pornography," "sex," "guns," "violence." That was one thing I liked about it. With the anti-spam, we didn't get all those emails. Also, Cisco was scanning our emails with their own intelligence. I liked that. Finally, the user interface was quite friendly, it was quite easy to use, unlike some other Cisco products. Anybody could use it. You don't have to be familiar with IT to be able to handle navigating it. View full review »
Security Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees
We like the in-built features, like the email filtering based on the IP and domain. Cisco has its own blacklisted domains and IPs, which is very good. This filters around 70 percent of emails from spam, and we are seeing fewer false positives with this. The notifications about why the emails were blocked is a good feature. View full review »
Gaurav Shakya
Information Security Administrator at a tech vendor
One of the most valuable features would be the logs. There were detailed logs available. That was a seriously good feature. There were cases in which some spam mails penetrated through Cisco Secure Email Gateway; users reported that these were spam. The support was also good from Cisco. I got in touch with support and they helped us. It turns out these were actually spoof emails that came into our environment. I got to know about them from the log system. I was able to create a filter as a result. For me, the ease of use was good. From the logs, from the configuration, from the monitoring perspectives, it was all good. View full review »
Network Security Engineer at Konga Online Shopping Ltd
The filtering is something I found very valuable. Also, the users were able to do a check by themselves on quarantined emails. They could check if a valid email had been stopped, if it matched up with the SPF certification. The kind of environment we ran was a kind of complex environment. For us to be in compliance with PCI DSS and ISO 27001, the users needed to implement this and we needed to know how often we got unsolicited emails and how to mitigate users being victims of spear-phishing or phishing attacks. View full review »
Ed Dallal
Founder, CEO, & President at Krystal Sekurity
The most valuable features are protection against ransomware and spam. Those are the main two features. It also adds an additional layer to your networks. Cybersecurity isn't a comprehensive solution. You have to keep on adding layers without disrupting the flow of the business. The Cisco Secure Email Gateway does that, where it adds another layer without slowing down the business or the performance of the network. View full review »
Senior Email Engineer at a legal firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is the policies or rules that you can put on it. This definitely helps with routing specific things to different destinations within our organization, or even potentially blocking when something is coming in and out, to where you can't do this on an email server or on our other email gateway. It's just not possible. View full review »
Mir Mustafa Ali
Network Engineer at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees
It integrates with Active Directory and we can limit specific users to using specific applications. View full review »
Muhammad Qureshi
Network Security Consulting Engineer at a manufacturing company
We are using almost all the features because they are necessary to protect emails. The most valuable feature is the different content filters we are using, such as DKIM. The Anti-Spam feature is also valuable for us because, most of the time, we notice that what is coming in is spam, and the Anti-Spam filter works very well. That's one of the features we like most. View full review »
Rizwan Siddiqi
Network Security Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It blocks * bulk marketing messages * graymail * spam and provides advanced malware protection. View full review »
Syed A. Raheem
Group Head of Cyber Security at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Anti-Spam and Advanced Malware Protection are the most valuable features. They provide protection from most email threats and we also have the option to block Zero-day attacks. View full review »
Sofiane Medhkour
Head System /Solution Architect at sorfert
after doing a third party pentesting, they found the security at a high level regarding the messaging security part testing,and the only recommendation they gave and need improvement is adding the sendboxing, for those attack ranked at zero day attack, which can't be detected. knowing i'm using premium licensing, i checked the Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), which is on-demand feature, i found that, this feature act like a sendboxing View full review »
Setu Bandhan Saha
System Administrator at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I can customize the configuration and policies. View full review »
Enrique Diaz Jolly
Principal Consultant, Engineer, Owner at Jolly Security Inc
The most valuable features are Advanced Malware Protection, URL filtering, and of course Reputation Filtering. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Cisco Secure Email. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,536 professionals have used our research since 2012.