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"The solution is technically fine and user friendly."

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"The solution's time-tracking abilities are one of the strong points. The only challenge is enabling it to the minute-level task. It's not at a project level but it's at an organization level. If I want it to be at a higher level as compared to some of the other projects where I want it to go to the nth level of a task for the time reporting, I cannot control it at a project level but it's controllable at an organization level. That's the only big challenge that I have.""PPM Pro provides managers the insight they need to empower decision-making. The data is always in the tool. It's just making sure people are using it correctly. We track the requests as they come in. We track our demand by each of our teams within IT and then estimate that effort so that we can see if we are getting a lot of requests to certain teams. We check the demand versus capacity as those items come in.""PPM Pro has improved my organization through standardization. The big thing for us is that we came from a very immature state of play. Everyone had their own risk and issue management capabilities and their own different impacts for risks. We've been able to standardize that within the program delivery arena. That for us has been a major thing. We're all speaking the same language about the same things and using the same metrics in order to capture statuses.""PPM Pro absolutely enables us to create reusable project templates that reflect our project management lifecycle. We had a good customer session on this, where a team utilizes portfolio management and project management of the tool very intensively. We follow all of the templates but having said that, we have so many divisions and we have so many users and project managers utilizing the tools. They have a different bunch of templates. We're not just following one or two templates. We have a number of templates that the teams are using.""The dashboards are one of the most valuable aspects of this solution, although, we've only developed a few that anyone's using. There is more maturity there and, of course, we're a month and a half into this, but getting our executive leadership to see these things is half the battle. I think dashboards are going to be critical.""It enables us to create reusable project templates that reflect your project management lifecycle. We do use those quite a bit because a lot of our projects are routine. We have the ability to create template boards. We have very routine audits. We have routine activities that have to be done once a year, it's nice to be able to create that project or create that board and not have to do the heavy lifting at the beginning for each cycle that we go through.""Integrations need improvement. We have the ability now with the FLEX licensing to take advantage of the different applications. But if you want them integrated there's a really large cost associated with that. The integration should be included in the cost per license. We shouldn't have to pay these really high fees to get the systems to talk together.""The reporting and dashboards are the most valuable features. For most of what we're using it for almost all of it is pretty valuable to us."

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"Could be using more updated technologies."

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"The integration with some of these other tools that we use, like the Azure DevOps needs improvement. I heard there are few things coming within Planview or PPM Pro itself, but I think it's still future dated. These integrations are key for us from an organizational perspective.""Reporting and dashboards need improvement. I know they're doing a major revamp of that. We're really looking forward to that because that's something that is really being requested by our customers to give them better visibility, reporting, and dashboards that are easier to understand.""Reporting and dashboards need improvement. They've got the new beta coming out now and I've been playing around with that in our sandbox environment.""I think PPM Pro is going to release a resource self-service admin which is going to duplicate the standard groups. I think that will help us a lot because right now a standard group has their own permission and we don't know what permission is getting out to the users. After the resource self-service admin will be in place, I think we will be in a much better position in terms of the formation profile.""From a usability standpoint, the part where there are people on the tasks section on a team is a little challenging. Then for some reason, the in-demand reports are embedded in the resource section and to run them is just completely different and separate from the reports entity which is a lot.""The reporting was a large part of what I was struggling with, but with the recent enhancement, that is definitely getting easier. Right now, based on how we are using it and growing it, it's really a very easy tool. I think mine is just growth pain because now I'm having other areas within the college that are interested in starting to use it. For me, it's just support. It's me learning how to be able to support everybody again with a very small staff.""Integrations need improvement. We have the ability now with the FLEX licensing to take advantage of the different applications. But if you want them integrated there's a really large cost associated with that. The integration should be included in the cost per license. We shouldn't have to pay these really high fees to get the systems to talk together.""The reporting has room for improvement. I know it's all in the revamping all the time with it, but there are things that I know my PMOs don't like. For instance, they want a pie chart and I think it's a bug in the system. I've been working with somebody on it, but then she thought it was because they were trying to look at negative values, which a pie chart doesn't do, but little things like that quite haven't gotten to what we need as far as reporting, but I think it's on the roadmap."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
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"Pricing was fair and I thought it was comparable to the other ones that we looked at. Other than ServiceNow, it was the most expensive, but we knew we were going to get a lot of value for that, so we went with it. We paid $40,000 for the implementation and for the workshops.""Bulk volume discounts are a little better. Right now we have to buy in lots of 20 at $200 a license. That's a little steep. For example, with Service Now, I pay $48 a seat for a license.""A collaboration of all their tools truly gets the biggest bang for the buck.""Because we have PPM Pro with Project place, we transitioned to the Flex model.""We have their Flex plan.""The cost was in line.""$6 million has been the return on investment so far, and that was because of work intake. Now that we are scrutinizing the work intake and asking questions like, "Is there an alternative to your $10 million project?" We had one project come in for $10 million, scrutinize it through our gate review process, and wound up with the alternative, which was $3.8 million. So, a $6 million savings."

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CA PPM represents a single platform that enables you to manage your entire innovation lifecycle and make more informed strategic investments. CA PPM helps you track and prioritize market and customer requirements and make better decisions on how to invest limited resources, so you can optimize your enterprise, IT, service and product portfolio. Further, it offers the unified, comprehensive project management capabilities you need to deliver quality initiatives on time and on budget. Available via SaaS, on-premise, and hosted delivery models.

Planview PPM Pro provides a top down approach to project portfolio management (PPM) completely hosted in a secure cloud platform. Planview PPM Pro software provides visibility into your programs, projects, and people to enable visibility, alignment, and improved execution across your enterprise.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Planview, Broadcom, Microsoft and others in Project Portfolio Management. Updated: August 2020.
438,725 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Broadcom Clarity PPM is ranked 2nd in Project Portfolio Management with 3 reviews while Planview PPM Pro is ranked 4th in Project Portfolio Management with 21 reviews. Broadcom Clarity PPM is rated 9.4, while Planview PPM Pro is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Broadcom Clarity PPM writes "Technically sound, very user friendly, with good support provided". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Planview PPM Pro writes "Makes it a lot easier in our management team to be able to visualize and view the data that we're capturing". Broadcom Clarity PPM is most compared with Jira, Microsoft Project Server, ServiceNow IT Business Management, Planview Enterprise One and AgileCraft, whereas Planview PPM Pro is most compared with Planview Enterprise One, JIRA Portfolio, Planview Projectplace, ServiceNow IT Business Management and Clarizen.

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