Matillion ETL Room for Improvement

Senior Engineer, Big Data/Data-Warehousing at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
Compared to the likes of traditional ETLs, like Informatica, SnapLogic, and Talend, or even raw Python scripts, this product needs no improvement, as it is so much better. Any new product like this has teething problems that get solved pretty quickly in the next release. Better user documentation with more examples would be helpful, especially in areas with run-time parameters or JavaScript inserts. View full review »
Harpreet Singh
Director of Data Architecture at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
It is not an end-to-end platform for ETL. It brings in the data. To complete the pipeline, they might want to include some connectors which would put the data into different platforms. This would be helpful. We are working with different platforms. Most of the connectors that we are looking for are included, but sometimes scripting is required. The good thing is we can reach out to support and have them create the custom connector for us. This can probably be improved. View full review »
Senior Infrastructure Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
* It could have better integrations with other databases and other services. * I would like to have more customization available. * Going forward, I would like them to add custom jobs, since we still have to run these outside of Matillion. View full review »
Neel Vora
Application Developer at John Deere & Company
* Performance can be improved for efficiency, and it can be made faster. * Latency could be reduced. Sometimes, it takes longer to fetch data out of it. There are network issues because we experience a little lag. * While the UI is good, it could be improved in its efficiency and made easier to use. * It can be used by different consumers. So, I would recommend to the company to promote more, because people don't know much about it. If they promote more, they can sell it. They need more marketing. View full review »
Luis Henriquez
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solution Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
It needs integration with more data sources. I would also like a better UI because it is complicated to manage it. View full review »
Lead Software Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
In the next release, we would like to have connections to more databases. View full review »

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