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About 1 month ago
As Shibu said below, it is an effective way of getting into RPA without doing the capital investment - so you could use RPAaaS for one process or one department and gain a corporate understanding of the potential for RPA.
3 months ago
Oracle is like any tier 1 ERP system, to improve it is going to take effort & change to your current way of working.  If you have a clear objective & good C-level buy-in, the project can be a breeze.  Speak to current clients to learn lessons, pick a good partner and get a…
7 months ago
Hi - that is such a wide question which requires more information. They are both great products but they need to be implemented in the correct way. If you are working in the mining environment you will never be in trouble if you have SAP behind you.  If you are looking at a…
9 months ago
Do you want to do it for a specific purpose or to tick a box?  Lets assume you are looking for system deployment. I would focus on the key areas of your business rather than what Gene has listed below, which is looking at point for point comparisons. (The Panorama report is…
10 months ago
Hi there, I have a client who previously shelved their RPA project as they were not getting the value they had hoped. After investigation from our side the following came to light, explaining why the project had not worked as well as they would have liked:  - they…
About 1 year ago
Great review thanks.
About 1 year ago
It depends on your use case. Is it simply to automate a couple of processes? Is it to augment a human team? AA is very good in certain situations but lacks in others. For me, it's more the team that deploys the Bots than the technology itself. If your partner is an AA…
About 1 year ago
My question to you would be - Why are you mixing the two vendors? Do you have licenses for both and are trying to maximize investment?  If you have IBM automation you probably have other IBM technology - let the IBM automation run on that as its integration is a little more…
About 1 year ago
For me there are so many areas and well documented - chatbots to speed up client query resolution, bots doing order orchestration etc. For me it is the hidden processes which should be exploited - contract generation and checking, sales order verification, client data…
Over 1 year ago
We are being forced to look at Power Automate as our clients are using it and asking for us to extend the footprint of automation in their business's. We were pretty happy with our primary RPA offering but when Microsoft gets involved you have to listen.

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